How Not To Gain the Freshman Fifteen….Without Ever Setting Foot in Koret

We’ve all heard of the horror that is the Freshman Fifteen, and we all spending some extra time in Koret is usually the best way to fight it off. But what if you hate working out? Never been to the gym in your life? Then these tips are for you!

1. Participate in Intramural Sports

USF offers nine sports in the fall that are open to all students! Not only is it a great way to stay active, it provides an opportunity for you to hang out with friends and even meet fellow students with similar interests.

2. Run up the Lone Mountain Stairs

Give yourself two minutes to conquer all 142 stairs. Best way to ensure that happens every single time? If you have classes up on Lone Mountain, leave your dorm five minutes before your class starts. Heavy backpacks and intimidating professors can be very effective in helping students stay active.

3. Avoid late-night pizza/burger runs to Crossroads

Being 10 feet from the University Center and armed with a copious amount of Flexi makes getting supper incredibly convenient. But is standing in line for over half an hour for a burger really worth it? And you leave smelling like smoke. If you get hungry at night, go for the fruits or yogurt parfaits. You don’t emerge with the lingering smell of smoke in your hair as you’re usually out of there in five minutes and won’t regret having a burger at midnight the next day.

4. Lose your MUNI Pass

Since you are only entitled to one MUNI pass per semester, if you lose it, you’re forced to pay for bus rides. Two dollars for a couple of blocks on the bus? Just put on a pair of comfy walking shoes and power walk your way to your destination! With the way the city is built, you’ll be fit without even trying to be. And chances are, with this cool weather, you won’t even break out in a sweat.

5. Make Flexi work for you

Flexi money isn’t monopoly money. It doesn’t mean you should go around buying chips and ice cream everyday just because you can. Go for the healthier food options like the salad bar. You can even walk up to Lone Mountain and buy food that you can make in the dorm kitchens. Making your own food means that you get to control what goes in it and the portion sizes. If you have friends that don’t have the meal plan, help them out! By sharing, you eat less and accumulate good karma.

Through eating smart and constantly staying active, you should be able to avoid the freshman fifteen without ever having to work out at the gym. If these tips don’t work for you, then maybe it is time to get yourself over to Koret a few times a week…


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