Staff Editorial: How the Foghorn staff is keeping busy


Katherine Na: Animal Crossing. That’s it. My name is no longer Katherine Na; it’s “Property of Tom Nook.” 

Hayley Burcher: I, too, have been lured by Animal Crossing’s siren song. My character caught a tarantula last night and I’ve been riding that high for 16 hours.

Ethan Tan: Aside from hibernating under my blankets for 90% of the day, I’ve probably set a record of finishing all seven seasons of “Veep” in under five days (unpopular opinion: I’m a Kent Davison and Dan Egan stan), and I’ve launched my career as a pastry chef. Catch me in the Paris food scene in a decade.

Kalan K. Birnie: I’ve been listening to a ton of podcasts, doing some work around the house, and finding any little bit of sports content I can. My latest solution has been the “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” documentary series on Netflix and “Jelle’s Marble Races” on YouTube.

Haley Keizur: When I’m not procrastinating my homework or doodling pictures of my friends during class, I’ve been rollerblading, annoying my parents for entertainment, and re-reading my favorite cheesy young adult books.

Kate Sagara: I’ve been drawing on my iPad a lot (finally downloaded Procreate!) and making my own hand sanitizer to give out to people. Also, I’m completely ruining my sleep schedule.

Christopher Francis: I recommend that everyone just scream for like 15 seconds every day. Helps to offset the existential dread!

Julian E.J. Sorapuru: I’ve been working out at home (sound body, sound mind) and going on runs since they let me get a glimpse of the outside world without being out too long. I’ve also been spending a lot more time outside in my backyard, just reading and things like that, and enjoying time with family by playing board games and having movie nights.

Mardy Harding: I’ve been annoying my neighbors to eternity by playing guitar outside, just to avoid annoying my working and stressed parents, who are inside. 

Coco Romano Giordano: I’ve been doing lots of baking and finally learned to cook something other than instant ramen! I’m also finally starting all the shows I’ve been meaning to watch for months (aka Jojo) and avoiding all human contact.

Eran Young: It seems my professors interpreted this whole debacle as an excuse to assign even more homework than before, so I’ve been busier with schoolwork than when I was actually on campus. In my spare time I’ve been doing my best to work out with some dumbbells I stole from a friend and compulsively buying things on the internet.

Amie C. Lu: I’ve been reading some new books, watching new shows (“Little Fires Everywhere,” “Devs,” “Nancy Drew,” etc.), and playing some games, like Super Smash Brothers! I’ve also started up on trying to draw again because there are so many different tutorials to follow on YouTube nowadays


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