Jay Sean and New Boyz to Perform: CAB announces Fall Fest concert artists

Wyclef Jean, B.O.B., Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D.—all are hard acts to follow. It’s no wonder there was a lot of buzz on campus as to which artist would be this year’s Fall Fest performer. The announcement was made directly following the Campus Activities Board’s (CAB) screening of “Toy Story 3” in the Presentation Theater last Wednesday night.

Excitement filled the air when Jay Sean and the New Boyz were announced as the performers at the Fall Fest concert, taking place on Oct. 23 at War Memorial Gym.

Jay Sean will headline the concert. According to the CAB website, “He is a British R&B singer/songwriter/actor from Harlesden, London. His music is a combination of Pop and R&B and his single “Down” featuring Lil’ Wayne hit the #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100.”

Jay Sean’s opening act are The New Boyz, a “hip hop/rap duo featuring Earl ‘Ben J’ Benjamin & Dominic ‘Legacy’ Thom… Ben J and Legacy lead the jerk movement and made the hit song “You’re a Jerk” which became a national hit.”

Chisuh Suh, a sophomore who attended the screening, is definitely planning on going to the concert, particularly because Jay Sean will be performing.
“I’m really excited,” she said, “I would have never guessed it would be such a mainstream artist like Jay Sean.  I know a lot of people are looking forward to both going and volunteering.”  Suh is also planning on attending a variety of other CAB events, like USF’s Got Talent and the upcoming Halloween event.

To acquire big-name artist Jay Sean for the concert, CAB Concert Director Patrick Sudlow said that CAB dealt “with the artist’s managers through a middle agent.” However, there are many other factors involved to secure an artist.

First, Sudlow drew up an initial list of potential artists based on student evaluations from last year’s Fall Fest concert. Sudlow kept in mind students’ likes and dislikes from last year’s concert, as well as genre preferences.

Afterward,  Sudlow singled out artists on the list who were available for the given dates and who fit CAB’s budget.
“Disregard the rumors about Ke$ha performing,” Sudlow said, “We try to find appropriate, socially-just performers who reflect the integrity of the school.”
Sudlow also urges students to be a part of the selection process and fill out the evaluations after this year’s performance.

“I’ve heard around that some people want a different genre, like maybe a rock concert some year,” he said, “but I won’t know that unless you fill out the survey.”

Students who wished for a more mainstream artist last year should be pleased with the selection for this year’s Fall Fest.

“I can’t wait to see Jay Sean, and the price makes it that much better,” says Freshman Olivia Mansho. “The fact that we’ll all be able to go without price being an issue will definitely make this yet another USF event to remember.”

CAB will be accepting volunteers for the concert. Sudlow said working the concert is a lot of work, but volunteers receive free admission, a free concert t-shirt and a possible meet and greet with the artists. Applications to become a volunteer are due Sept. 23 at midnight.

Tickets will be on sale Oct. 5. Prices this year are $10 for undergraduates, $20 for graduates and faculty members and $30 for the general public.
CAB is open to feedback on improving the quality and promotion of their events.

All students are welcome to join the meetings at 5:30 p.m. Thursday nights (unless otherwise noted) in UC 415 to discuss and plan upcoming CAB events.

For more information on upcoming events, visit usfca.edu/cab

Fall Fest Concert Volunteer Applications can be found at http://tinyurl.com/ffcvolunteer

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  1. WOW…Jay Sean and New Boyz? Haha….counting myself and fifteen others as NOT GOING. B.O.B, Lupe, NERD, now this crap? Was kid cudi, mike posner, wiz khalifa, or vampire weekend or any one else not an option???

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