Key and Peele’s Keanu Is The Cat’s Meow

Ayah Mouhktar
Contributing Writer

The masterminds behind “Key and Peele” are back! Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele star in this feature film about drugs, murder and a lost cat. The hype around the movie was extreme due to the success of their hit comedy sketch show. I was expecting a clean cut comedy for the ages and all my expectations were met, and then some.

The movies premise is simple but hilarious. Peele’s character, Rell, broke up with his girlfriend and is stuck in a rut when a gentle meow outside his door prompts him to embark on a journey with an adorable cat named Keanu. Rell’s cousin Clarence, played by Key, is given a weekend off when his wife and daughter go off on a vacation. Both men go out to see a movie and when they return to Rell’s apartment they find that Keanu is gone. The movie follows the duo’s adventure to find their lost cat, where they pretend to be gang members, do drugs in Anna Faris’s apartment, and find love.

I went into the movie expecting constant laughs and classic characters that would remind me of the comedians’ show. However, “Keanu” was very original; it was definitely not a continued idea from their show. The well-written script was shown through the connection of characters and the dialogue that occurred between any two people throughout the movie. It felt natural to see the two actors in their element and doing what they do best.

Keegan Michael Key was phenomenal, from the tone of his voice (which would raise whenever he spoke to his wife and drop several octaves when he was pretending to be a gangster) to the quirky hand movements he would add to every word he said shown within the movie. Jordan Peele was able to portray his character in a way that made you feel like he was a friend of yours. You laughed because you felt you knew someone just like that.

Though the cat’s name is the title of the movie, he did not outshine the other actors within the film, although the best part of the movie had to have been the fact that Keanu the cat was voiced by the real-life actor Keanu Reeves. This meta­ humor fueled the overall comedy of the movie.

I would give this movie 4 ½ stars. It was a bit short; I wished it could have been expanded with a few more story lines and a touch more character development. I would definitely see it again. I expect a sequel from Key and Peele and would be very disappointed if they do not make another film.

Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros

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