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With the close of the 2021-22 academic year rapidly approaching, we can now look back on what we knew would be a year filled with uncertainty. Returning to campus after a nearly 18 month hiatus, the Foghorn’s goal was clear. We dedicated ourselves to upholding our responsibility to produce ethical student journalism and keep readers informed as we all navigated the new normal.

Returning to in-person learning, I wanted to reimplement the tradition of printing the Foghorn and having it circulated on campus, something that was paused during the pandemic when we went exclusively digital. This goal presented its own set of challenges because none of our staff was knowledgeable on how the in-person production process worked. Working efficiently and collaboratively as a group with almost all new editors was a steep learning curve. 

For those of us who joined staff during the course of the pandemic, it was our first time being in the Foghorn office. Housed on the fourth floor of the UC, this space has come to be my home away from home after producing 22 issues over the last two semesters. I feel privileged and proud to be able to reflect on some of my favorite stories that were written and reported in that time.

Our news section followed campus COVID-19 protocols, which constantly shifted as case numbers and city-wide regulations changed. We chronicled the University’s relationship with the Part-Time Faculty Association as the two have continued to negotiate the PTFA contract. We also covered three long-form investigative stories regarding abuse scandals within the USF Athletics Department, breaking the most recent story in our last issue on women’s basketball head coach, Molly Goodenbour. 

In Scene, we were able to follow the return to in-person performances and events on campus, like Kasamahan’s Philippine Cultural Night which was performed live for the first time in two years, and saw art created by USF students come to life through murals found across the city, as well as those off of campus, like the music festivals Outside Lands and Noise Pop.

In Opinion, we learned how students from the U.S.’s most diverse campus have learned to embrace their identities, we engaged in the continued conversation regarding female reproductive rights, and we were reminded by my predecessor, the first male Black Editor in Chief, how imperative it is that the Foghorn works to see more Black students writing for us and found on our pages.

In Sports, we profiled not only USF athletes but those behind the scenes, like coaches and photographer Chris Leung. We also followed the historic season for the men’s basketball team and their return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 1998.

In taking on this role, it was my goal to explore more long-form investigative stories and expand the range of content we covered, both in subject matter and the lived experiences of the writers. I am incredibly grateful for my staff who have supported me in these endeavors. I am honored to have had Miguel Arcayena as my News Editor, my fellow Filipino on staff, who fearlessly tackled breaking news, sifting through all the long court reports and documents and asking sources the important questions. I am equally grateful for our General Assignment Reporter and News Deputy, Megan Robertson, who I interviewed for a story when I first started on staff in fall 2020 and who is now taking on the role of News Editor. To Callie Fausey, who was the coolest Scene Editor I could have asked for last semester, and has been by my side through all the late nights of editing this semester as Managing Editor. To Nora Ward, who was a better copy editor than I ever was and kept the staff energized when spirits were low. She will excel as Managing Editor this fall. To my best friend, James Salazar, who has since graduated but supported me endlessly as my Managing Editor last semester, and has always been my biggest cheerleader on and off campus during my time at USF. 

I am grateful for those who first encouraged me to write for the Foghorn, assuring me that what I had to say was worthy of being written and published. You know who you are. Without you, I wouldn’t have found the small, extraordinary community of students that is dedicated to keeping the USF community informed. 

I would like to thank my predecessor, Julian Sorapuru, who kept the Foghorn afloat during a time of great uncertainty and helped me transition into this role, always encouraging me to have confidence in myself as an Editor in Chief. I would also like to thank the Foghorn’s advisor, Teresa Moore, for being my introduction into journalism and making sure my staff and I never published anything but the truth.

This year has been a whirlwind but I am very fortunate to have spent my senior year on campus and been given the opportunity to help USF community members both old and new understand who the Foghorn is and what we do. I have the utmost confidence in my successor as Editor in Chief, Zoe Binder, who served as a General Assignment reporter and Opinion Editor all in the short span of a year. Zoe is an intelligent, open-minded, and assertive individual who will lead the Foghorn with care and confidence and I trust that she will continue to build on the foundation laid by myself and my predecessors. 

Finally, I would like to thank you, reader, for continuing to support the Foghorn by reading it. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with news built on “freedom and fairness.” You are the reason we continue to seek the truth. It’s been an honor serving as Editor in Chief. 


Lucia Verzola


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