Letter From the Editor

The transition from one leader to the next is sometimes turbulent and uncomfortable. But as long as the captain of the ship is strong, any waves can be shouldered.

Make no mistake — the next Editor-in-Chief of the Foghorn, incoming junior Katherine “Katie” Na — is more than qualified to take the helm. In addition, Hayley Burcher, who will continue as managing editor, will offer her indispensable knowledge and support.

Katie, an international studies major, is coming back to the Foghorn after previously holding the position of chief copy editor. She recently completed an internship this semester in Washington, D.C. at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Katie is wise beyond her years and pursues the truth wherever it leads to. At the same time, she is kind and supportive to those around her.

I am proud to hand off the paper to Katie, a publication that, I believe, holds community members accountable and brings out unheard voices. In the news section, we’ve brought attention to the school’s nursing crisis, the financial history of USF’s farm purchase and a lawsuit that alleges the University possibly broke federal corruption laws. In scene, we’ve highlighted USF’s artistic community and the students who add considerable cultural value to this campus. In opinion, we’ve showcased writing from a first-generation student, a survivor of sexual assault and students dealing with mental health issues. In sports, we’ve covered the ups and downs of the University’s athletics teams while introducing new players.

“I want us to be bold, innovative and respectful next year,” Katie said. “I want to continue the Foghorn’s focus on investigative journalism. I want to build off of that legacy.” Katie also mentioned that she would like to see a more interactive website.

I am certain that Katie, Hayley and the rest of the Foghorn team will move the needle even further than we did this year.

It has been a pleasure to be the steward of USF’s journalistic endeavor.  


Gabriel Lorenzo Greschler

Editor-in-Chief, San Francisco Foghorn

Class of 2019


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