Letter to the Editor

Photo of Gleeson Library/Courtesy of USF’s website.

Dear Foghorn Editors,
Thank you for engaging as an editorial board in USF’s critical work of redesigning USF’s core curriculum and inviting all USF students to the table. Student input is key and the library stands with you and the entire student body as we move USF forward. We applaud the focus on information literacy – specifically critical information literacy as something USF students must learn. As you point out in your February 01, 2024 Editorial:

“What skills and competencies are essential for a USF graduate to have acquired?” Though there were many options available, the Foghorn believes that in the age of both increased access to knowledge, but also the rapid proliferation of critical misinformation, information literacy is a critical skill that USF students must learn to be effective global citizens. Developing this skill must be a focal point of the core curriculum.”

Gleeson Library has been and will continue to be at the forefront of information literacy skill building. At the core of our work here in the library, we believe that information literacy empowers people to seek, evaluate, use and create information effectively and Ethically.
Our hope is that students not only develop information literacy in their coursework, but also apply these skills after they graduate. Our work is embedded in many of your courses already, and we have developed student learning outcomes for these collaborations with faculty.
We are especially proud of the many partnerships we have with USF faculty to help build information literacy skills through classes, library exhibits, workshops, and more. Gleeson Library is also very much invested in the curriculum; Librarians serve on the Core Redesign Committee where we advocate tirelessly, like nearly all USF faculty, for the development and support of information literacy skills in every student.

Simultaneously, we are working in partnership with many across campus to build a future-ready information literacy project that reflects the skills and knowledge students need right now. This includes thoughtful, informed use of AI and large language models, with the intention of equipping students with the skills they’ll need during their academic career and after graduation.

We will ensure that Gleeson Library continues to be one of USF students’ most trusted partners in navigating the increasngly complex information landscape and preparing students to be lifelong learners.

Shawn P. Calhoun, Library Dean
Erika Johnson, Associate Dean for Collection Services
Annie Pho, Head of Instruction & Outreach
Claire Sharifi, Head of Reference & Research Services; Liaison to the School of Nursing & Health Professions

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