Letter to the Editor

The decision to eliminate the discount for faculty and staff for food at USF’s dining services may be yet another one of those penny-wise but pound-foolish decisions the USF administration has been making of late.

As a full tenured professor, my income certainly makes it possible for me to buy meals at the unsubsidized rate and can thereby understand why, in this time of tight budgets, discounted meals for someone like myself would not be seen as high a priority as other expenditures.  However, the subsidies have been very important for many of the less well-paid staff and junior faculty already struggling to afford living in this incredibly expensive city.

More fundamentally, having an extra incentive to eat on-campus has encouraged more frequent informal interactions between faculty, staff, and students than would happen otherwise, which is very important for building a stronger university community. The relatively small amount of money saved therefore does not seem worth causing a reduction in such opportunities.

Stephen Zunes

Professor of Politics


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