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While you’ll have to wait over 500 days for the 2020 presidential election, elections for ASUSF Senate — the student body’s leadership — are next week. Campaign season began on April 15 — however, the only contested position this year is Vice President of Finance. There is only one person running for the president’s seat.

USF students can vote online from April 22-26. Dons Election Day, when students are encouraged to vote altogether, will be on April 23.

The uncontested positions are included at the end of the President and VP of Finance candidate profiles.

Maddie Campbell (she/her/hers)

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Major: Politics

Current year: Junior

Running for: Vice President of Finance

Campbell is currently interning in Washington, D.C. with the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, while last semester she studied abroad in Italy. Although she has been away from campus, Campbell has still been paying attention to USF’s financial situation. In the past, she served as the Senate representative for her freshman class and also served on the Senate finance committee, which is designed to manage the financial resources of ASUSF. Campbell said as someone who understands the significance of this position, she wants to ensure students that the money “they are paying into the system is going back to them.” If elected as VP of Finance, she hopes to provide more transparency regarding the annual student activity fee and create greater equality in the distribution of the fee’s funds. “My experiences give me an understanding of the challenges student organizations face and the advocacy skills to address them.” Campbell said. “With my values, knowledge and passion I am ready to act for the students of USF.”

Harley Lehrke (he/him/his)

Hometown: San Diego, California

Major: Accounting & Finance

Current year: Junior

Running for: Vice President of Finance

Since his freshman year, Lehrke has enjoyed being involved in a lot of campus activities. He’s been the Standards Representative for the Greek Council and the fundraising chair, as well as president of Phi Delta Theta. He was also a member of the now-inactive Fog Squad and has worked with the ASUSF finance committee. If elected, Lehrke plans to bring more attention to issues which directly impact students, such as the tuition increase which was recently passed by USF’s Board of Trustees. “I believe bringing the tuition increase to a greater level of conversation can really make an impact on the USF community,” Lehrke said in an email. He also wants to help new student organizations take advantage of the resources available to them. Lehrke has previously served on ASUSF Senate as the School of Management Representative and also works as a licensed Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual, a financial services company.

Tiana Valerio she/her/hers

Hometown: Daly City, California

Major: Finance and Organizational Behavior and Leadership

Current year: Junior

Running for: Vice President of Finance

Valerio is running for VP of Finance because she believes that there is a lack of student voices in the budgeting process at USF. Valerio has sat on the Senate finance committee for two years. She is currently involved in several organizations in Student Leadership and Engagement, including Kasamahan and the Culturally Focused Clubs Council and is also a Student Organization Consultant (SOC). As a SOC, she is a resource and advisor to student organizations. To help existing organizations remain stable, she wants to ensure that the way money is spent is sustainable. “I want organizations to feel comfortable and knowledgeable on what is needed to get what they need for their organizations,” Valerio said in an email. She also wants to help establish more new student organizations.

Hector Bustos (he/him/his)

Hometown: Santa Ana, California

Major: Politics

Current year: Sophomore

Running for: Senate President

Bustos said he is tired of waiting for things to change on campus. He is hoping to build better connections within the USF community, including the University’s administration, whom Bustos believes has continuously struggled with communicating to students. “Our needs demand to be listened to and acted upon by USF’s Administration,” Bustos said in an email. He currently works as the Student Government Assistant for Senate, and believes in effective change through student leadership. “Transparency and Accountability. Simple as that,” Bustos said. “These are the standards I expect USF to abide by if given the opportunity to serve as your ASUSF President.”

Uncontested positions

Leo Gaona – ASUSF Gender and Sexual Diversity Student Representative

John Iosefo –  ASUSF Junior Class Representative

Simardeep Pajetta – ASUSF School of Nursing and Health Professions Representative

Marisol Castro ASUSF – Students with Disabilities Representative

Tatiana Hernandez ASUSF –  Transfer Student Representative

Paolo Rainier Sayas ASUSF  – Vice President of Advocacy

Irene Nguyen – ASUSF Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Doan Tran  – ASUSF Military Veteran Student Representative

Noemy Crisanto – ASUSF Senior Class Representative

Izzie Hallock – ASUSF Sophomore Class Representative

Rebecca Munoz – ASUSF Students with Disabilities Representative


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