Meet Your ASUSF Candidates

USF has officially entered the 2018-2019 ASUSF Senate campaigning season. Voting starts April 16 through the 20, where students can place their vote for the officer who best represents their needs online through MyUSF. While not all of these races are contested, we have the full list of candidates. We have featured those who are in a contested race, where they explain their reason for running and most importantly why they deserve your vote. Listed below are your future ASUSF Senate members running uncontested.





Natalie Gray

Student of Color Representative

Hometown: Atlanta, GA Major: Biology Year: 2


Gray believes more must be done to make USF a more inclusive campus for students of color. “I hope to advocate for a safe space for students of color to voice their concerns” said Gray. “I will always keep in mind that I am acting on behalf of the students of color at USF and will do everything I can do to make sure their needs are met.”

Valerie Bravo

Student of Color Representative

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA/ Major: Design/ Year: 1

Bravo is running for Student of Color Representative because she wants to see more representation of students of color on campus. She also wants to see more participation from students of color. “I’m not afraid to demand change and I can connect with the student body in order for all of our voices to be heard!” she said.




Marcus Aguilar

Vice President of Finance

Hometown: Long Island, NY/  Major: Finance/ Year: 3

Aguilar serves as the VP of Finance for the Culturally Focused Club Council, and is president of the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha. “Being the head of many smaller organizations, I can empathize with how they feel,” said Aguilar. He would like provide smaller organizations with similar financial support to bigger organizations. If administrators do not support the ideas he puts forth on Senate, he would reach out to the student body and garner their support for his initiatives.

Harley Lehrke

Vice President of Finance

Hometown: San Diego, CA Major: Fiance Year: 2


Lehrke was motivated to run after learning many students do not know what the Student Activity Fund entails. “I want to work on improving the students experience though this fund by making it more transparent and giving it back to the students,” said Lehrke. He currently serves on ASUSF senate as the School of Management representative, a member of the finance committee and chair of the food committee, which he founded. The food committee gets student opinions about the need for improvements in the cafeteria.




Cilo Calles

Vice President of Advocacy

Hometown: San Leandro/  Major: Sociology/ Year: 3


Calles sees this role as an opportunity to hold the university to the social justice values they uphold. “I am a passionate person who cares deeply about being rooted in social justice, empowerment, advocacy and activism,” said Calles. He has worked on campus for SHaRE, Center for Latin American Studies in the Americas and the Cultural Centers. These experiences provided him with a “holistic” view of what it means to be a leader. When working with administrators, he would build a line of communication to understand why his  idea was not accepted but continue to push his ideas and make sure it is clear why they are important.

Geno Oliva

Vice President of Advocacy

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA/ Major: Marketing/ Year: 3

Oliva has been in student government positions before, having been his class senate leader in which he passed bills to change the detention policy of his school, and changing the dress code of his school to be more fair for women. Having this experience in leadership, he’s running to make USF “as student-run as possible.” “I want to represent the needs of all USF students,” he said. “I know people that represent very different groups at USF.”






Sage Hapke

ASUSF President

Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA

Major: Critical Diversity Studies/ Year: 2

Hapke is looking to continue to collaborate with others to bring about “long-lasting” change on campus. She served as the Gender and Sexual Diversity student representative this past academic year, where she advocated for more gender inclusive restroom options on campus. As ASUSF President, Hapke wants to continue to push for more gender inclusive restroom options, advocate for more diverse food options provided by Bon Appetit and hold the university accountable to create accessible resources to support students. “I promise to think and act critically for our marginalized and forgotten voices,” she said.

Jordan Davis – Transfer Student Representative

Marcelo Castro – Junior Class Representative

Sehaj Kasture – VP of Public Relations

Irene Nguyen – International Student Representative

Richard McCoy – Sophomore Class Representative

Sarah Vega – School of Nursing Representative


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