Melissa’s Mixtape

Melissa's Mix Tape

The mixtape this week is an attempt to brighten moods. The semester is in full swing, the weather is rainy again, and the stress all over campus is mounting. Here is some feel good music, some music to listen to when you’re aggravated, frustrated, upset and overwhelmed. Here’s some music to remind you it’s only one month until spring break.

1) “Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Sh-” by Antsy Pants off of “Antsy Pants”

2) “Ghost Mountain” by the Unicorns off of “Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone?”

3) “King Kong vs the U.S. Army” by Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass off of “Cash, Money, Etc.”

4) “Loose Lips” by Kimya Dawson off of “Remember That I Love You”

5) “Jimmy Jam II” by Matty Popchart off of “Good Ole Water”

6) “Crows” by Sexy off of “Por Vida”

7) “There Is A Light” by Ghost Mice off of “The Debt of the Dead”

8) “Stabby” by Japanther off of “Master of Pigeons”

9) “Dylan” by Lava Lava off of “Plan-It-X Records Sampler”

10) “Daylight” by Matt & Kim off of “Grand”

Melissas Mixtape 4


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