Memories from the graduating class of 2021

Claudine Haliman is a senior media studies major.

Students sit in St. Ignatius Church during 2019 Winter Commencement, which would be USF’s last in-person graduation ceremony for over a year. PHOTO COURTESY OF USF WIDEN

For the USF class of 2021, the day we have been waiting for is finally here. This class has had to overcome a global pandemic, Zoom fatigue, and producing our senior theses, but, nevertheless, we made it. While graduating has always been a big deal, as it marks the end of one chapter in life and the start of a new one, graduating during a pandemic means so much more because of all that we’ve endured. 

Early last spring, most of us imagined graduating in St. Ignatius Church as we sat shoulder to shoulder beside our friends and peers, with family members watching from the pews. So, I think I speak for most seniors when I say that it’s been difficult coming to terms with having an online commencement ceremony.

Regardless, our time in college will always be memorable because of how much we’ve grown during it. Years from now, we will still remember grabbing late-night snacks from the undercaf and the way walking up those Lone Mountain stairs made our hearts race. Here are the class of 2021’s most memorable moments:

Kelli Westad is a senior performing arts and social justice major.

“My most memorable moment from college was, surprisingly, living in Gillson. I wouldn’t have known it then, but I sincerely miss my dorm room and roomie.”

Jasmine Chow is a senior hospitality management major.

“One of my most memorable moments from college would be actually experiencing living in a new country, growing and becoming more independent, and being part of the USF community.”

Fiona Almeyda Wijaya is a senior data science major.

“I have lots of wonderful memories in college and I am beyond grateful for all the experiences and memories. Though the most memorable moments are spent with my best friends at the dorms and USF events!”

Pelzom Tenzing is a senior finance major.

“I would say that the most memorable time that I had was during freshman year, since I got to meet a lot of new people and lifelong friendships that I made over the years”

Haley Palmer is a senior English major.

“My most memorable moment in college has got to be all of the friends I’ve made throughout the journey. I’m a pretty introverted person, so being able to look back on the friends I’ve made and the things that we did together is really special for me!”

Victoria Hunt is a senior media studies major. 

“My most memorable experience from college was the connections I made while working on the Foghorn my freshman year. Not only did I make lifelong friends who also worked on the paper, but I had the ability to meet incredible people while reporting on events. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful people I was introduced to through the paper.”

Reina Ramirez is a senior performing arts and social justice major.

“It’s tough because I wish I could sum up all the great things. My most memorable moment would be working with the formerly incarcerated people in my Performing Arts and Community Exchange class. It brings me so much joy to see all the incredible things they have accomplished.”

Jojo Viera Noramn is a senior sociology major.

“My most memorable experiences at USF mainly came from being involved on campus. From being an admissions ambassador, to working with folks as a part of BASE, I have truly been able to create relationships and support systems that’ll last me a lifetime.”

Haley Keizur is a senior media studies major.

“Some of my favorite moments at USF come from gaining independence and experiencing the city for the first time: picnics in the front lawn, shows downtown, ice cream runs, late night study sessions, wild Muni rides, and meeting the friends, peers, and mentors who have prepared me for my future.”

Ashley Scott is a senior business management major.

“My most memorable experience at USF was attending the Black Student Orientation my freshman year. I met sisters and lifelong friends, as well as a beautiful community that has and continues to support all my goals and aspirations.”


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