New Exec. Producer Riley Evans Revamps USFtv

USF’s student-run video production network, USFtv, is preparing for their most visible year yet.

“We work really hard and want people to know about us,” senior Riley Evans, the new executive producer of USFtv, said. Evans is in her second year at USFtv and is hoping to lead the collection of student producers into the spotlight with new content, in addition to working alongside campus organizations to create videos that highlight the very best of USF.

The student staff of USFtv consists of paid producers and production partners who help put together videos on a variety of topics. The producers work “like a beat at a newspaper,” Evans said. Her producers cover student organizations, city and campus-wide news, narrative films and cultural events. The producers, with the help of their student production partners, create videos which are posted to the organization’s YouTube channel. “I don’t want to tell them what to produce,” Evans said. “We serve as not only a source of entertainment but as kind of a resource for people.”

Evans has many plans this year, such as creating several new pieces made with campus organizations, including a behind-the-scenes documentary about The College Players’ production of “The Rocky Horror Show” in the fall.

Brandon Dix, the organization’s new marketing director, says that he sees the various beats for producers as guidelines which direct the videos toward the campus and the stories they’re in. For example, Evans produces comedy videos starring the school’s award winning improv troupe, Awkward Silence.

The production partners, he says, are even less restricted and often use the contacts they make to help the producers create even more varied content. “If it is any different than any other content,” Evans said, “then that’s just because we are students, those are the lives we lead and that’s the kind of thing that’s relatable to us.”

Dix’s main goal as the new marketing director is to increase the visibility of the organization. His plan is to “build relationships that we may not have had before” with various organizations on campus.

USFtv’s major event this fall will be acting as the liaison between USF and Campus MovieFest, a multicampus student film festival that takes place the week of Sept. 19. The festival organizers will give students one week to make a short film that will be judged by a panel selected by the USFtv team. USFtv plans to start promoting the festival with tabeling and flyers on Sept. 12, and the filmmaking begins a week later. “We help them fulfill their job on campus,” Dix said. This is the second year that USFtv has fulfilled this position. “Last year went really well, and we’re really excited to do it again,” Evans said.


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