Open Letter to Charlie Cross From Student Senate

To Mr. Charlie Cross, Vice President of Business and Finance:

“We, the ASUSF Senate, will strive to ensure that every voice, concern, and suggestion to improve USF is heard by addressing the needs of our constituents through compromise and cooperation. We will communicate with the administration to move ideas forward. We will uphold the University’s mission and respect the Jesuit values.”

That quote comes from our mission statement as the official governing body of the associated students of USF. As representatives, a large area of concern that has been brought to our attention is the food service at our university, overseen by your office and managed by Bon Appétit. Several of the more specific concerns include the high prices of food in the campus cafeterias, as well as with catering for student organization’s events. Another concern is food safety with the incorrect or incomplete labeling of food
allergens. Additionally, there is a concern about the treatment and management of student workers, and also the lack of transparency in decision-making about food service that affect all students.

These concerns, however, are not new. They have been repeatedly brought to our attention and in turn, Senate has attempted to bring these concerns to your office and to Bon Appétit without much success. Due to the lack of sufficient response, a Senator decided to translate the inaction into a peaceful boycott of Bon Appétit. The intention of the boycott is not to make the company or USF lose money, but the intention is to publicly express student concerns about the running of food service at our university. It is so rare that a campus issue affects so many students to a point at which they decide to have dialogues and take action. Whether they agree with Senate’s action or not, most students are opinionated on this issue which is important for all of us to see.
 The University of San Francisco is an institution of higher education with “a belief in and a commitment to advancing: the full, integral development of each person and all persons… with the belief that no individual or group may rightfully prosper at the expense of others and a culture of service that respects and promotes the dignity of every person.” So let us peacefully work together for the betterment of each other and our university community.


ASUSF Senate


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