Outside Lands

A view of the OSL stage from an audience perspective. PHOTO COURTESY OF KATIE THURMAN

“Outside Lands’ overall vibe was lively. There was constant action and things to do. It was fun and exciting because we get to enjoy music of well-known artists with friends, but there was a splash of stress and annoyance because of wanting to get a good spot and people’s strong emotions for their artists.” – Valyntina Thomas, senior business management major

In a sea of concert-goers USF student, Sonia Deshaies, managed to bury her nose in a book during a set. PHOTO COURTESY OF KATIE THURMAN

 “This was my first music festival experience and it was crazy. I thought I knew what it would be like and I was wrong. I think everyone severely underestimated how many people would be willing to literally fight for a spot close to Lana. She was great though. I understand them now.” – Destiny Sumile, sophomore education major


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