Press Play on Dons’ Favorite Podcasts

Ever wonder what’s playing through people’s headphones on campus? The Foghorn asked a few students to share their current favorite podcasts. 

Kamila Portero: She/her, Politics Major, Freshman

Podcast: Murder, l Mystery, and Makeup by Bailey Sarian

“I’ve always been a big fan of mystery videos and I love makeup so it’s a great combination for me,” said Kamila Portero, a first-year politics major. “[Host Bailey Sarian] always picks a super interesting mystery to talk about and provides really great commentary that I really like. I actually found it a couple years ago around 2022 as a YouTube video and got so obsessed with it that I started listening to the podcast version on the way to my classes or when I’m doing something and can’t watch it.”

Diya Sakariya: she/her, Undecided Business Major

Podcast: Bit My Tongue

“My favorite podcast at the moment is ‘Bit My Tongue’ by Nailea Devora. It’s my favorite because I’m biased towards her being my age, therefore generationally relevant and a brown woman,” said the first-year business major. “She also has a unique sense of humor that makes the ordinary stories she entails rather interesting and it resonates with the target audience. I discovered the podcast from her original YouTube channel,” continued Sakariya. “The podcast is about her talking about the changes in her life and calling guests in to talk about unserious topics or answer publicly demanded questions about them with them.”

Yja Cummings: she/her, Major: Philosophy, minor in Computer Science

Podcast: Casefile True Crimes

“I discovered ‘Casefile’ when I was on a flight from New York to Charlottesville,” said Yja Cummings, a junior philosophy major. “The guy sitting next to me looked into whatever he was listening to. When his screen lit up, I saw it was Casefiles…, now it’s my favorite podcast that I listen to on flights or long trips…The runners of this podcast really put in a lot of effort when it comes to telling the stories, and they tell them very well.“they cover various types of crimes, so it’s not just the same story with different packaging every time.”


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