Rock On, KUSF

Talented musicians can be found performing everywhere in San Francisco: in the streets, in venues, at corners of local cafes and, sometimes, in the undercaf.

On April 4, KUSF hosted its second show of the semester in the University Center. “KUSF Presents” shows are free concerts featuring local bands for fellow rock music lovers. These events are a breath of fresh air when drowning in college responsibilities.

KUSF and Campus Activities Board (CAB), the student group that organizes campus events, worked together to transform the undercaf, into a multi-colored venue with free snacks and enough room for people to jam out. The show featured two punk bands, Marbled Eye and The Nopes. The fast-paced music and the energy of the musicians quickly attracted a crowd of dancers. Everyone in the room was either head-banging or moshing in the small space in front of the stage/ With the music that was playing, it was hard not to. Marbled Eye kicked off the evening with songs like “Laughing Sound” and “New Crease,” showcasing strong rhythmic guitar and vocals.

Michael Lucero from Marbled Eye. WILLIAM WIN

After Marbled Eye’s set, The Nopes took the stage and expertly kept the crowd hyped up with their grungy sounds. At different points in the show, the members of the band could be seen rolling on the floor while playing and jumping around the main stage space. One of the highlights of the show was the drummer of The Nopes abandoning his drumsticks to play with his tie, a very punk move.

Sophomore Sydney Primero-Solano, concert-goer and KUSF “roadie,” said The Nopes’ set provided “an obscene amount of energy… the members were practically bouncing off the walls.”

Once the show was over, with the slight smell of sweat lingering in the air, people crowded around the makeshift merch tables while the cleanup process commenced. Miranda Morris, the director of KUSF, told the Foghorn that these shows are far from their final form. Morris said, “We keep learning as we put on more shows, the set-up for these concerts just keeps getting better.” She confirmed they are planning two shows per semester starting next fall.

Morris wants to feature all genres at these shows but specifically wants to tap into the local, alternative, low-budget music scene around the city, hoping to even include student bands. Her ultimate goal is to have a stage set up on USF’s main campus (similar to the one at San Francisco State University’s student center), free for students to use for a variety of purposes, including these kinds of shows.


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