Run for ASUSF Senate

Running for  Associated Students of the University of San Francisco (ASUSF) Senate positions is a good way for students to enact the vision they have for the future of USF and make their voices heard.

On Feb. 26, applications opened for prospective ASUSF Senators. Students can apply or nominate others for Senate positions before the application closes on Mar. 20. Elections will be held Apr. 15-19. 

ASUSF Senate is an elected body of USF student representatives that serve as liaisons between the administration and the student body. The stated mission of the Senate, according to their website, is to “ensure that every voice, concern, and suggestion to improve USF is heard by addressing the needs of our constituents through compromise and cooperation.”

Senators are responsible for representing the interests of specific populations on campus. They can create legislation and initiatives meant to address the concerns of their constituency. That legislation is then put up for implementation by the Board of Trustees. The representatives meet with both students and administrators to accomplish their jobs, and bring that perspective to Senate meetings.

The upcoming April election for Senate is for all positions except for Freshman Class Representative. The elections are open to currently enrolled students in good disciplinary standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Current members of the ASUSF Chartered Student Organization executive board, Get Oriented (GO) Team, Resident Advisors, Community Assistants and Student Leadership and Engagement (SLE) student staff cannot serve on the Senate. A more detailed breakdown of the time commitments and requirements of senators is laid out online in their position descriptions.

In addition to representing the student body and creating legislation, the Senate is responsible for representing their constituents on committees. The current committees are the Advocacy Committee, the Marketing and Communications Committee, the Internal Affairs Committee and the Finance Committee. These committees also include student volunteers who have an interest in the topic. Committees play crucial roles in shaping the initiatives taken by the Senate, such as the Green Initiative Fund for Tomorrow, which is directed by the Advocacy Committee.

For students interested in learning more about ASUSF, the spring semester Town Hall on Mar. 6 will be an opportunity to interact with senators. The event is advertised on USF’s website as a chance to give “the USF community a better insight of what ASUSF Senate is working on as well as hearing from the administration about different issues on campus.”

Kendrick LaCerda, a senior who formerly served as the Student with Disabilities Representative, told the Foghorn, “It seems that many students want change on campus. In my view, involving yourself with [the] Senate is one of the most impactful things you can do to actually make change.”

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