San Cisco Takes on San Francisco

The Foghorn’s Lauren Burge interviews Jordi Davieson, lead singer for the Australian indie band touring in the United States.

San Cisco

 San Cisco,  the indie-funk beach pop band hails from Freemantle, Australia playing summer tunes by mixing old instruments with synths. The young and successful band released their first EP, “Golden Revolver” in 2011 and since then recorded their debut album (2012) and second EP “Awkward”(2012). The Aussie band is performing live at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco the night of April 4th, be sure to check them out! Before the show the Foghorn spoke with lead singer, Jordi Davieson to chat about San Cisco’s current US tour, love for Nintendo 64 and plans for a new album.

FOGHORN: You are currently touring the U.S. What has that been like?

Jordi: There has been a lot of driving and seeing a lot of different places. It has been pretty cool. We have been on the road for three months now.

FOGHORN: You were recently on your first U.S. tour with “The Vaccines.” How was that?

Jordi: It was really fun! We played some really good venues and being a support band is good because you get there early and you leave early.

FOGHORN: YOLO. What does this word mean to San Cisco?

Jordi: YOLO—well you only live once. You just do stupid stuff and it’s okay because you only live once.

FOGHORN: San Cisco’s debut album was named one of the best albums of 2012 by Triple J. How did that make you guys feel?

Jordi: It was pretty amazing. Triple J has always supported us really well. It was a surprise to get that. It gives us the extra bit of confidence that helps a lot. We were very stoked to hear that recognition from them.

FOGHORN: So I heard San Cisco is a huge fan of Nintendo 64—what is your all time favorite game and what have you been playing lately?

Jordi: 007 Golden Gun or Mario Cart are our favorite games. Lately we have been on the road for three months so the band has an XBOX 360 so we have just been playing HALO.

FOGHORN: Did you ever imagine two years ago when your first EP, “Golden Revolver” was released that San Cisco would play at events like Groovin the Moo or SXSW?

Jordi: No, no way. We had no idea that it ever was going to take off—but it has. We also never thought that we would get to San Francisco so we didn’t think the name would matter that much. But it turns out we are going to be there so it will be pretty awkward.

FOGHORN: If you could choose any band to go on tour with whom would it be and why?

Jordi: We would really like to go on tour with Vampire Weekend or Haim—they are from California and they are great.

FOGHORN: Your second EP, “Awkward” was released on February 3, 2012 and has been quite the buzz in America. Any plans for a new EP or new album in the near future?

Jordi: There will be an album coming out in spring with Fat Possum Records.

FOGHORN: Do you have any Australian music suggestions for American listeners?

Jordi: Yeah, Snakadaktal—they are a really good Aussie band and The Preatures—great band especially on tour.

FOGHORN: Do you have any last words for San Franciscans?

Jordi: I really like your city, I think it is a cool place and come down to the show!

San Cisco is playing live @ The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco TONIGHT (Thursday, April  4th) at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $15.00 




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