Scene Ya Later! Scene Editor Sean Riordan says farewell to USF and the Foghorn

Sean as Britney Spears for Halloween 2012

If I could graduate from USF and keep working at the Foghorn, I would stay without hesitation. Unfortunately I’m ready to get the hell out of school—so my time at our lovely newspaper must come to an end.  Endings always mean new beginnings, but they also provide a time to reflect…

Transferring from a very large, social school, I found it difficult to plant roots at USF—so goes attending a school in a big city. This empowered me to make some incredible friends off campus at the oodles of shows, festivals, galleries, and parties i went to, but I always had pangs of regret that I’d leave the University without making substantial on-campus connections. The Foghorn gave me that connection, and I am forever grateful for that.

I joined the team late in the game, contributing for a semester as a junior and then helming Scene for my first (and last) semester as a senior. Not only did it force me to approach the events I attended from a different perspective and with different intentions, but it gave me a medium to share my giddy excitement I have about the incredible City we live in. Most of all, my staff, advisor, and fellow editors are incredible human beings. Getting to know each of them over the past semester has been a trip. But my time has come and the scary world of real adulthood is calling. I’ve chosen to traipse off to backpack Europe for an undetermined amount of time… so I can’t complain too much, but it doesn’t make the goodbyes any easier.

Thank you readers for trudging through my dramatic word choice and occasional spelling errors. Thank you to my writers for supporting me along the way and (usually) turning in your stories on time. Thank you Teresa Moore for giving incredible feedback and sharing your infectiously warm personality. And last but not least, thank you to my fellow editors for welcoming me into your small… “family” for the past few months.


Until next time.


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