Senate Briefings: Highlights From ASUSF Senate Meetings

Taskforce Identifies Health Concerns

Dean of Students and Associate Vice President of University Life Mary Wardell presented an update on the health and wellness taskforce that is researching ways students can stay healthy. The taskforce assembled in the fall, and found that substance abuse, stress, sleep deprivation, risky sexual activity, financial problems, eating disorders, and depression were among some of the health issues affecting USF students. The taskforce derived the information from CAPS, disabilities departments, University Ministry, Koret, Dean of Students, and the School of Nursing. VP of Mission Kelly Cook also served on the taskforce.
To address these issues, Wardell presented five recommendations. The recommendations include improving the promotion of existing programs, seeking catholic theologians for guidance on sex issues, implementing campus prevention training for employees, and finding a new health provider. “Research [has] found that there have been ongoing issues with the clinic at St. Mary’s. We are not sure that at this time that St. Mary’s can help us with the integrated system we desire,” Wardell said.

Dean of Students’ Additional Position

Dean of Students Mary Wardell announced her new role as Associate Vice Provost for Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach. Provost Jennifer E. Turpin created the new role. “This job will tackle how we go about being who we say we are as a university with social justice on campus and around San Francisco.” Wardell assumed the additional position 10 days after the meeting.

Spring 2011 ASUSF Elections

ASUSF spring elections are underway. The deadline to submit applications is before spring break. Polling will continue with online ballots, but the budget chair of the Electoral Governing Board is working to establish mobile polling on iPads. Campaigning will begin on March 28.

For fall elections, the Electoral Governing Board (EGB) has decided to extend the campaign schedule to three weeks. SLE assistant director Keegan Mills said extending the campaign will “avoid the rush. You have three weeks to think about what your expense might be.”

ASUSF Appoints New Senators

ASUSF appointed three new senators.; Josh Suarez for School of Business Representative, and Lulu Feng and Ginny Chung for International Student Representatives. Jorge Contreras was also appointed the position of Senior Class Representative.

Jammin’ for Justice Concert Granted Extra Funding

The $8,000 left over from Fall Fest concert will be allotted to the Jammin’ for Justice concert. CAB’s Concert Director Patrick Sudlow said, “We paid the prorated rate to the New Boyz since they did not fulfill their contract. So we have, $8,000.00 left over.”
CAB will obtain 5 artists with the funds. They aim to start at 4p.m. rather than the usual 7p.m.
Artists will be announced on March 2.

President’s Update

ASUSF President Halimah Najieb-Locke said she met with Provost Turpin to discuss the Stay on Track program. “She has asked me to present to the Provost Counsel, which includes the deans of the schools,” she said.

At a another meeting, Peter Novak told Najieb-Lock that the university won’t have the space or budget to continue housing the Upward Bound program. It costs $80, 000 to house it. The university is interested in helping the program to find a new host institution.


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