Senate Selects “SEXY” Slogan to Revamp Image, Bolster Participation

According to the Public Relations committee, a strong majority of the random students polled are neutral or negative toward the Senate.

The Associated Students of the University of San Francisco Senate will be launching a marketing campaign featuring a T-shirt slogan to coincide with the start of Senate Week during the first week of March. The ASUSF calendar has not been updated for the current year. The slogan, “Senate is SEXY,” written in gold on a black shirt, is an open-ended acronym with axioms that will change throughout the week.
“We want to be that puzzle piece that fits between all of the student organizations,” said Casey Atud, ASUSF vice president of public relations.

Bobby Marquez, ASUSF off-campus representative and member of the committee, saidfeels the Senate needshas “to start off really strong the first week and appear fun and approachable to the average student.”
The ASUSF president, Alex Platt, was unavailable to comment.

According to USF’s website: “[The ASUSF Senate] seeks to improve inclusivity, engage in multicultural learning, and explore the diversity of others. As leaders we pledge to communicate students’ needs to the faculty, staff, and administration to improve the experience at the University of San Francisco.”
I do not know what “inclusivity” means.

The marketing campaign will also include greater virtual exposure with Youtube, Twitter, and Bloggerspot accounts. “We want students to be able to check us out while they’reir online checking Bblackboard or Facebook,” said Anthony Rivera, ASUSF School of Nursing representative and member of the committee. “We want people to see us in a different light. The school’s perception of us now is somewhere between ‘elitist’ and ‘disconnected’.”

The new slogan is the brain child of the ASUSF PR committee, a group comprised of several Senate members and headed by Atud. “The Senate’s old image basically left it without a real identity on campus,” said Kelly Tenn, ASUSF Junior class representative and member of the committee. “How are we supposed to represent everyone if people don’t even know who we are?”

To get a better idea of public reaction toward the slogan, the committee conducted surveys and spoke with some members of the SLE in order to take a professional point of view.

The committee said there was a largely positive outlook on the new design. Greg Wolcott, director of the SLE and advisor to the ASUSF Senate was supportive of the slogan. According to Wolcott, “Wwhen you look at the Jesuit tradition of respecting a student’s right to artistic free speech, I think you’ll find this sort of thing isn’t really that objectionable.”

Atud said “Of the 100 surveys [the committee] gave out to random students, [they] only got about 45 of them back. The non-response just goes to show a lack of participation on the student’s part.”

The shirts will be purchased with funds designated from the Senate’s general operating expenses “We’ve decided to allocate our 2008-2009 Senate Publicity budget to purchase shirts featuring the new design. $250 dollars that was going to be used on pens will now be added to the shirt fund, making our total resources for the new shirts $400,” said Atud.


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