Senior’s Web Site Seeks to Inspire Positive Thinking

Visit and you will find the life experiences of Nabil Gulamani, a once self-proclaimed high school slacker turned USF finance major who did away with his “Oh well, who cares” attitude four years ago in exchange for a goal oriented, positive state of mind.

Unsatisfied with his own mediocrity, Gulamani began reading self-improvement books such as Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and  Dan Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence” and talking with professionals in his field of interest in order to find out what motivated them as students, and what motivates them now.

Gulamani found that positive thinking was a common thread in the lives of all the successful people he spoke with, and he soon made it one of his own.  He is convinced we can all do the same, and wants to help people realize this through his newly launched, self made website; a collection of blog entries and video clips about his transformed attitude.

“Throughout middle school and high school, I didn’t know what I wanted out of life, I didn’t know who I was,” said Gulamani, whose poor high school grades only perpetuated his frustration with the overall life he had been leading to that point.

Through studying self-improvement on his own, Gulamani has learned that making the most of the opportunities he has as a college student and as a young adult has everything to do with the attitude he maintains on a daily basis.  “I want people to know that they can get what they want with the correct mindset,” he said.  “I think people want to know about this stuff, but they are afraid to talk about it.”  By sharing his story and revealing his struggle with motivation, Gulamani hopes to both open a dialogue with students and young professionals and share the power of positive thinking.  On the front page of his website, Gulamani identifies the problems he had in his life and the realization that he was the problem.  “I was fully responsible for all my actions and every decision I have made in my life,” he says in his opening blog entry.  “I would sit around and waste time and not be prodcutive at all.”  His candid entries have been effective, as visitors say they are taking away valuable advice and lessons to apply to their own lives.

“In his videos, he shows who he really is,” said USF senior Ankit Chovatia, who described Gulamani as “one of the most motivated friends I have,” a stark contrast from Gulamani’s slacker statement he used to describe himself just four years earlier.

“His site is very useful.  He is in the same position I am,” said USF senior and fellow finance major Houman Abouei.  Abouei says he can relate better to Gulamani’s story than he can with a book he reads on a similar topic because he identifies with the same struggle as Gulamani.  “His blog and his videos cover a wide range of topics meant for college students and young professionals,” said Abouei, who noted that Gulamani covers topics beyond academics that are important to know such as how to use credit cards in college and health and nutrition advice.

For Gulamani, who has seen subscriptions to his blog and daily hits on his website steadily increase since this summer’s launch, the right attitude extends to goals outside the classroom.  “You can apply this mindset to anything: health, academics, relationships,” said Gulamani in discussing how positive thinking has allowed him to be a more natural person.  “Now that I know exactly who I am, I can be authentic.  I don’t have to be someone I’m not.”

Gulamani speaks and writes with a genuine tone, relating his personal experiences to topics such as how he defines a good leader, how to apply empathy, and how to prioritize goals and time.  A full time student, Koret Center Employee, Muslim Student Association member, and single founder and developer of, Gulamani applies his time management stratetgies every day.

In the future, may become Gulamani’s full-time job.  “The goal is to eventually be able to give seminars, work with companies, and train employees,” he said.  “I want people to think about careers and schoolwork in a different way.”


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