Solar Laptop Bag Provides Eco-Alternative For Students

What if you never had to carry around your laptop charger again? What if the very bag you used to carry your laptop around all day not only protected all of your electronics, but charged your laptop through solar technology? What may sound like a fantasy to many students is now a reality.

Little Green Bag is the new laptop bag on the market. Solar paneling enables it to not only charge laptops, but also charge any cell phone, PDA or MP3 Player that complements a 12-volt car adapter. These solar paneled bags provide spacious room for storage, including space for large-sized laptops, books and binders and even your eco-friendly water canteen.

At USF, changes in how to work more efficiently is never undervalued. USF Student Sandra Silvoy said she thought it was a great concept for business students and business professionals. A person that is in constant need of their laptop and have tons to carry; having one less thing to carry around such as a charger is not a bad thing.  Silvoy said that the eco-friendly aspect of these bags is an important value, she said, “Because jumping on the green wagon is becoming mainstream, manufacturers want to take full advantage of such an opportunity. Yes, production costs of new technology plays a part, but the hype with products used to lessen our environmental impact tends to be a bit pricey. If a person has the means to purchase such a product, yes, I think it would be worth it.”

Functionality of electronics, gadgets and products are very important to USF students today. With the constant fast pace of college work and life, students need to have products that are not only reliable, but also functional for everyday living. John Marin, Senior, Business Administration major at USF said, “New technology such as this, enables functionality in one product, serves not only to charge a laptop but provides much more than that.”

Apart from its “smart” advancements, Little Green Bag also comes in a variety of designs and styles. The Dutch design from the firm Krejci uses bicycle inner tubes and industrial felt in order to create an ergonomical and sturdy design. The Little Green Bag also comes in customized designs, including movie themes. One design, the Ecoist Movie Billboard Messenger Bag is made of recycled film posters. There is also XSProject Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Bag. The XS project pays Indonesian pickers to go out and pick weeds out of the ground, which is then converted into a unique messenger style solar panel bag. Each messenger bag is designed from patterns made out of product packaging, varying from cooking oil to toothpaste. It features personalized movie designs, charges electronic devices, stores, and organizes your life all in one bag.

Nicole Anderson, a Senior International Business Student, asked “Do they last forever and how would you properly recycle these bags? And does it come with any type of warranty for usage that results in everyday wear and tear?” Obviously many questions still remain about this new product.

Andersson also questioned how long will the bags stay in trend. However, going green is certainly not just a trend, but a necessary phenomenon that has become quickly adopted by millions. Doing good for the planet and creating reliable, easy, and efficient functionality is arguably the way of the future.

For more information about the Little Green Bags and pricing details, the information is listed below:

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Krejci Jablko –

Ecoist Movie Billboard –

XS Project Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –

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