Sports Profile: A Walk in Rheina Ale’s Nikes

Rheina Ale is currently the captain of the Women’s Basketball Team. She joined the Lady Dons in 2008 as a freshman, coming in as a strong asset to the team, starting in 28 out of 29 games and scoring an average of 10.1 points per game. Her sophomore year, she started in all 32 games and went from being ranked 16th in the WCC for leading in scoring, to being ranked 11th. She has gone from 6th in free throw percentage last year to 4th ranked in the WCC this season. Rheina is a dynamic player with strengths in both her offensive as well as her defensive play and we can expect to see more great things from her the rest of this season as well as next.

While some of us may live vicariously through the student athletes by attending their games or looking up their stats, being a student athlete is more than playing a sport. I’m sure many are curious about who are student athletes and how they maintain themselves while balancing the dual role of athlete and student. I had the pleasure of getting some answers and one perspective from Rheina Ale.

Name: Rheina Ale
Major: Communications
Year: Junior
Position: Point guard
or shooting guard

What is your favorite part about being a student athlete?

Receiving a free education and playing basketball.

What is your weekly routine with the Women’s Basketball team?
We practice every day from 8:20 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Sometimes we have weights after practice about 2 or 3 days a week. I have class after practice and I also have to complete four hours of study hall a week.

What do you like most about being the major that you are?
I am interested in doing something in the broadcasting field so being a communications major supports my interest.

How have you been able to juggle both school and being on the women’s basketball team for the past two years?
It has been hard; definitely has taught me about responsibility and hard work as well as how to balance my schoolwork. I also have to make sure I get enough sleep and have the right nutrition plan for basketball.

How have you grown as a player over the past two years?
My leadership skills have definitely progressed over the past few years. Coming in as a freshman I wasn’t much of a leader, but in the last two years I have been the captain and have seen my leadership skills improve because of that role.

What are your goals for next semester (either for the season or for school or both)?
Next semester I just want to start off fresh. We haven’t had a good season this year, so next year it would be different. Our team is going to work hard in pre-season and by the time the season starts we will be ready to win some games. School-wise, just to get good grades in my classes.

Fun questions:

What is your favorite color?
Pink or baby blue.

What is your favorite food?
I love Mexican food. Desert – I’m obsessed with chocolate covered strawberries.

Who is your favorite music artist?
I love Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole.

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