St. Mary’s Stops Dons’ Climb to First Place

Saint Mary’s pushes the Dons another game back in the WCC with a win at War Memorial Saturday night 86-68.

The game started with a technical from Saint Mary’s for dunking during the warm up session before the game which awarded USF two technical shots of which only 50% was made even before jump ball at center court. That sums up of the USF-Saint Mary’s match-up in which the highlight was two simultaneous dunks on Gael possessions that appeared to leave the Dons broken hearted.

Michael Williams (5) by Alex Crook
Michael Williams (5) defends the ball from St. Mary’s as he goes in for a basket. (Alexander Crook/Foghorn)

Going into the half the game was as close as 36-34 with Saint Mary’s holding a very small edge. However, in the second half Saint Mary’s kicked it into gear and sped past USF at one point holding as great a lead at 20 points.

It appeared hopeless with about 6:30 left on the clock 69-49 and no pressure on the Saint Mary’s offense burning clock like the burnt out Dons.

With around 3:30 left to play and the score already reaching 76-60, Saint Mary;s made a quick substitution putting in several players that had not seen too much action all game. But, on the ensuing two possessions the Gael’s slammed the door shut on the Dons with zinging dunks that even had the student section at the gym buzzing.

War Memorial was packed for a second game in a row featuring Gonzaga last weekend and the division leader Saint Mary’s this weekend. The student section was bursting in yellow screaming with joy for the Dons and disdain for the refs. “It was a kind of sloppy game,” said one student. “But calls seemed one sided towards Saint Mary’s.”

Yet other students were not so caught up with the officiating and felt that the crowd gave its best “In the first half we played good and the crowd was in it,” said junior Kevin Ratliff. “But in the second half the crowd expected the dons to play well but we sucked.”

Game highs for the Dons: Rashad Green 17 points 5 rebounds, Michael Williams 17 points 4 rebounds, and Marko Petrovic 14 points 4 rebounds. Sanit Mary’s: Mickey McConnell 19 point, Rob Jones 18 points 5 rebounds, Matthew Dellavedova 14 points 7 rebounds.

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