Staff Editorial: A time to be thankful

November is a great time to reflect on all the opportunities you’ve been given and the things you are grateful for. GRAPHIC BY HALEY KEIZUR/FOGHORN

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s important to pause and reflect on what opportunities we’ve been given and what we’re grateful for.

At the Foghorn, we’re incredibly thankful for each of our readers, writers, and supporters who care about the work we do. We wouldn’t be able to produce this publication without the help of numerous people across campus. 

We are also grateful for the autonomy we have as a student-led newspaper and the responsibility we have to share news with the student body. 

We also want to reflect on the sheer privilege we have in attending USF. For many, college was something we had to strive for — it wasn’t the expected. Getting a higher education is something we should all be grateful for, despite the stress it can cause.

Each of us on staff have other things we are grateful for, and we want to take the time to recognize that.

Katherine Na: I’m grateful to have such supportive family members and friends, brilliant professors, and the best coworkers I could ask for. Honorable mention goes to my health, coffee, and my dog. 

Hayley Burcher: I am thankful for my friends and my fellow editors who make 14-hour layout days survivable. And I am so thankful for my family. (To my mom: thank you for always picking up the phone when I’m bored at Target.)

Ethan Tan: I’m thankful for my friends and family who are always there for me. Thanks to my Twitter feed for always supplying me with memes; also thanks to the ungodly amount of chocolate I consume as it makes a solid breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal. 

Kalan K. Birnie: I’m thankful for the support system I have in the Bay Area, socially, professionally, and academically. Without them all, I would not be able to do an eighth of what I have been fortunate enough to achieve.

Haley Keizur: I am incredibly grateful for my friends and family, as well as my San Francisco community, who continue to support, love and care for me, as I navigate all of life’s turns. I’m also thankful for music, Taylor Swift, Young Life, coffee, the entire “Harry Potter” series and the honey lavender ice cream from Salt and Straw.

Kate Sagara: I am grateful that I have so many family and friends who care about me, my baby niece who’s going to experience her first Thanksgiving soon, my health — and my family’s health — and that I get the opportunity to be in college. Also, the bakery that’s down the street from me that supplied the croissant I am eating right now, my bed, TV, Taylor Swift, and Purell.

Christopher Francis: I’m grateful for my family back home, the fact that I can go to college and good friends that support me and what I do. 

Julian E.J. Sorapuru: I can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, but I’m grateful to have friends in the Bay Area who will welcome me into their home this year. I’m thankful to have food to eat, a place to sleep, the chance to access higher education, and for the people who love me.

Coco Romano Giordano: I’m so grateful just to be where I am today. Growing up in such a secluded place, going to college (let alone in a place like San Francisco) was always just a dream to me, especially since nobody in my immediate family had been to college either. I’m eternally appreciative of everything my family has done to support me, anyone who’s supported my art, and anyone who’s pushed me to work even harder than I thought I could.

Amie Lu: I’m thankful for having supportive friends and family who carry me through my days. I’m also thankful for coffee because it keeps me going.

Eran Young: I’m thankful for my family, my beautiful girlfriend who I love very much, naps, fat dogs, Diet Coke, Chromebooks, fish, and chain links.


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