Street Talk: What Do You Think About the Overnight Guest Policy On Campus?

Kendra Liljenquist


Exercise Sports Science Major

“I think it’s ridiculous, especially in a city such as San Francisco. I think everyone can infer what I mean there. I broke the rule with my heterosexual boyfriend my freshman year. It is what it is and I think USF should seriously consider changing [the rule].”

Nikki Taylor


Business Management Major

“[Gays and lesbians] can have whoever they want to sleep over. We are supposed to have equality and I think that it’s not really fair that if you are gay you can have your partner sleep over and if you’re straight you cannot.”

Dennis Walker


Media Studies Major

“I do think it is an unnecessary rule. There should be something done about it. Then again, same sex couples should get a couple of perks because they can’t get married. If we throw them a bone now and then it’s not the worst thing in the world.”

Aaron Ramos


Exercise Sports Science Major

“I honestly have never approved of USF’s guest policy here because of equality and because they limit your hours. The front desk workers don’t even check. I remember I stayed over my friend’s because I fell asleep and she didn’t get in trouble at all.”

Conor MacNamera


Computer Science

And Mathematics Major

“I think it’s pretty dumb because no one really follows it to begin with. I don’t live in the dorms anymore but when I did no one really paid attention to it. If someone wanted to stay over they were going to stay over.”


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