Stressing To Keep Up With Fall Fashion

Autumn is among us and along with the stress that comes with studying for midterms, another stress exists. This is the pressure of keeping our clothing diverse as well as possessing the latest fall fashions.

Into our second month of school, I overheard someone compliment another student on the fact that they never repeated their clothes. I chuckled to myself thinking how ridiculous it was to admire someone for that. Then it hit me. I had already repeated clothes. Was it that big a deal? Apparently.

Over the fall break, I found myself stuffing pea coats, scarves, hats, gloves, boots and other winter garments in my oversized suit-case. Along with preparing myself for winter, however, I added at least another half of my closet to the pile. This didn’t end up too well when I came back to San Francisco. I was greeted by my suitcase that had already burst at its seams and left half of my attire in disarray. I wound up spending twenty minutes taping my bag to get it from the airport to USF. What a hassle. Lesson learned? Always bring a spare suitcase. Of course, I could pack lighter.

In addition to the emphasis put on looking like you have an endless wardrobe, I have seen the strain to conform and get that expensive yet stylish pair of designer boots. It doesn’t just end at the shoe department, though. The pursuit to “fit in” includes every winter necessity from chic coats and elegant gloves to snug sweaters and vibrant tights.

Although you may argue that the main reason you bought that Abercrombie vest was not to blend in with the rest of the student body ,but to please your mother in staying warm. I didn’t see you buy the vest from Ross. Congratulations on failing to please your mother’s pocketbook. As well, we all hate to admit it, but we all want our clothes to make us stand out. This thinking, however, only makes us match everyone else’s train of thought.

Hear me when I say this: you don’t need an outfit to make you stand out. Your personality and true character should speak for themselves upon making first impressions. And if people refuse to acknowledge you just because you have no fashion sense whatsoever or you repeat your clothes like normal people, then get a new set of friends.

As we settle into fall and move into winter, keep in mind that the only voice that should be the deciding factor in getting those fuzzy penguin socks is your own. You don’t need a fashion magazine to tell you otherwise.

McKenna Taylor is a freshman undeclared major

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