Student Activity Fee to Increase in 2011-12

The ASUSF Senate, the governing body of the undergraduate students at USF, allocates the money collected by the Student Activity Fee every semester. This funding currently supports significant aspects of student life such as iconic student events like CAB’s FallFest Concert, Kasamahan’s Barrio, International Student Association’s Culturescape, Hui ‘O Hawai’i Lu’au and more. This also enables speakers and food at student events, travel for clubs and organizations, publications such as the student newspaper, equipment for student media/TV, student employment opportunities, and so on.

Last month, ASUSF Senate passed a resolution to place a referendum on the ballot to increase the student activity fee by $20/semester, bringing the total fee to $102/semester. This referendum will be placed on the ballot next week during ASUSF Senate elections (April 11-14).

ASUSF Senate feels the need to increase the student activity fee due to a deficit in funding opportunities for clubs and organizations, student initiatives, and student events.  These include expansion of the fraternity and sorority community, increasing school spirit via Los Locos and Campus Traditions, and continuing to provide an outlet for more student involvement. In addition, campus operational costs continue to increase while the student activity fee has not changed for six years and is lower than our sister Jesuit schools (average of $120/semester). This year alone, student organizations requested $200,000 more than the student activity fee could support. This new funding is needed to support student proposals for events that would otherwise be denied and have no other funding source at USF.

If students want to have their voice heard on this matter, they need to vote in next weeks elections by going to or by visiting any of the polling stations hosted by the Electoral Governing Board (EGB) on campus. Questions about the referendum can be addressed to

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2 thoughts on “Student Activity Fee to Increase in 2011-12

  1. I just want to say : YES TO VALUABLE INCREASES LIKE THAT, but what about the hundreds of students today at USF, that do not have a place secured in dorms because when their window opened to finish their registration to secure a place to sleep found out that everything is full despite that they couldn’t logOn with anticipation? I Wonder what’s going on, do they’ll be homeless next Fall?

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