Students Must Continue to Address Both On-Campus and Global Issues

It is now six weeks into the spring 2011 semester; in that time, the USF community has witnessed significant happenings both close to home and very nearly halfway around the world.     Noteworthy, important events are unfolding in what seem to be the parallel worlds of USF’s campus and the Middle East; the university’s student body has risen to the occasion on both fronts to engage with the world, whether it be locally or on a global scale.

This semester, the Foghorn has communicated to its readership the importance of student engagement, involvement, and awareness. Now, as we approach the halfway point of the semester, we would like to take the time to encourage and promote what we see as optimistic signs of increased student concern and subsequent action with issues they find important to them.

The level and variety of student initiative we have seen recently has been especially relevant and visible as in the following example.

In this last week alone, our campus hosted at least three rallies supporting three separate causes. First, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and community leaders plan to demonstrate today in front of St. Ignatius church to inform the university leadership of their desire to keep to Upward Bound, a federal high school preparatory program for disadvantaged youth, on USF grounds. Second, the university’s radio station, KUSF, held a teach-in on Monday to discuss the transfer of the 90.3 FM signal which resulted in the station being forced off the air without notice days before the semester began; Finally, later in the evening that same day, another teach-in, this time focusing on the history-making revolutions in Egypt and the Middle East, in was held in Fromm Hall.

While the breadth if topics being covered this week in these student-led actions may only be the result of a scheduling confluence, we at the Foghorn view this as evidence of the strength and increasing momentum of  the student body. Students are being proactive about the condition of the world around them, and are realistically, practically tackling issues and challenges in the local and international community.

Internally, students are defending their freedom of speech and communicating their wish to have administrative decisions made collegially and transparently in the form of the KUSF discussion. Reaching out, students are realizing the university’s mission to be a catalyst for positive change in the world by raising awareness of the largely peaceful, people-led ousters of entrenched, repressive leaders in the Middle east. Within the Foghorn staff, there are as many opinions and levels of investment on each of these issues as there are editors and staff writers. What we do agree on, though, is that having proactive, student initiated discussions on many different issues at once is more favorable to having none.

Editor-in-Chief: Heather Spellacy

Chief Copy-Editor: Natalie Cappetta

Opinion Editor: Vicente Patino

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