Students Scale Down Spring Break Plans, Focus on Relaxing and Rehearsing

As the frigid winter ends but before the icy clutch of San Francisco summer, spring blessedly nears the horizon. Easter may still be more than a bunny-hop away, but it is never too early to think about Spring Break. Yet between pocket-burning airline tickets and a queasy economy, some must curtail possible globetrotting excursions. However, there are still some exciting options available to thrifty students. From community service to thespian retreats, USF students have certainly not resigned themselves to a dull spring break.

Stephen Gotfredson, a theology graduate student and Phelan Hall resident minister, has created Alternative Spring Break for any Saint Ignatius students staying on campus. Alternative Spring Break is “for students who are really passionate about giving back to their community and who don’t know many organizations here in the city. Every single day will be spent with a different organization.” Habitat for Humanity, Glide, and the Rescued Orphan Mammal Program are just a few of the organizations.  For performing arts and social justice majors involved with the April production of “The Laramie Project,” spring break means following artistic pursuits. According to stage manager Zoe Bronstein, “the majority of the cast has decided to stay and rehearse.”

Priscilla Trasvina, a sophomore business major, has taken an economical view of her spring break. “I’ll just be working at the front desk,” she said. “It’s extra money to spend.” Her big vacation will come in the summer, with a trip to Los Angeles.

Another campus-bound student, freshman Gabriel Avina, plans to “relax, hang out, and read books. Maybe go see Lake Tahoe. It would be nice to go home but it’s so far away.” Avina is from Thailand, and a trip home would take two days just in transit. “For that amount of time, it’s just not worth it.”

Other students will return to their native soils, some happily, others not quite. “I was going to go to Vancouver and see the sights,” said freshman Aaron Halbleib. “But people just weren’t on board.” Canadian adventures thwarted, Halbleib said he will return to his San Mateo home and “cry myself to sleep because I don’t have anything cool to do. Actually, I’m not that disappointed. I’ll save a lot of money. I’ll probably to do a road trip to Chico State instead.”

On the other hand, Sacramento native Barbara Evangelista is happy to see home again. For her, it is the perfect occasion for catching up on sleep. “I’ll get to relax and not deal with the stress of classes and midterms.” Evangelista, who took a cruise over winter break, said, “A vacation is cool, but just being able to go home is nice enough.”


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