Students transform drab dorms with delightful decor

Now that first-years have settled into campus, and second-years have more experience with messy common rooms and clogged toilets, the Foghorn snuck a peek into three dorm rooms on the Hilltop. In the spirit of Architectural Digest, we got tips on how to curate your space, and what students can’t live without. Editor’s note: the Foghorn is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of the items listed.


 Hattie blended items brought from home with items she collected in San Francisco.

 Cavallini Palmistry Guide; $5.

Hattie Sanness, a first-year psychology major, decorated her room in Gilson by balancing personal items from back home with decor she’s gathered in the city. Many of the posters on her wall are from iconic Haight Street shops like Mendel’s and Amoeba Music. Coming to SF from a town on the border of Minnesota and Iowa, she brought photos of her friends and books about mushrooms, to remind her of home. “My brother runs a mushroom farm and I work on it,” she explained.

Hattie displays her love for musicians by using their own merch.

For first-year media studies major Kendall Block, planning out her room in Gilson was essential. “I made a Pinterest board of what I wanted it to look like, I literally drew out a layout of what I wanted,” she said. Many of the posters on Kendall’s walls were custom printed at FedEx, or repurposed from album covers. A custom built-in shelf above her desk gives her extra storage and a personal touch.

 Kendall uses green accents strategically in her dorm.

 Artificial ivy vines; $11-20.


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