Style File: Gifts for All on Your List

Give the things that radiate bliss, and give a holiday not to be missed! The tree is up, the candles are lit, make sure to wrap your presents to feel legit. Giving can make you feel the best, but sometimes it can be a long, hard quest. Look below to find ideas for the hardest to shop for and I promise your gifts will not be a bore. A gift for the the girl who has it all, surprisingly, can be a ball. Mom and Dad can be tricky, but combine their gift and you won’t be so picky. Give a homemade gift to your friends that will be admired as much as a Mercedes Benz.

The Girl Who Has It All

Donate to her favorite charity in her honor and you will never be a goner.

A pampered treatment gift certificate can go a long way; it would even be better if you joined her for this day of play.

Ask her and a guest over for a home cooked meal, friendship in the kitchen will seal the deal.

A box of goodies with a themed message: 5 small things that start with the first letter of her name will be sure to satisfy the dame.

Parental Presents

A date night is a sweet thought, send them to dinner and a movie self-bought.

A worldly crate of wine would certainly be received divine.

If your home is far away, purchase cheap plane tickets to San Fran for mom and dad to come and stay.

Make a pottery creation to share: Terra Mia on Castro Street and your gift could not be beat.

For those of you with little dough, create a meaningful frame with a picture to go with the flow.

Do It Yourself

Your buddy will think of you year round if you create a customized calendar of memories of you two hanging around.

Let your friend’s beauty shine through with a personalized hand-held mirror with an encouraging word or two.

Take a week to save interesting trash and create a recycled mosaic message that will be a smash.

For your friends that don’t live near the coast, go to Ocean Beach to pick a seashell that reminds you of them the most. Make an ornament that will boast.

Fashionistas one and all, embellish a scarf for your friend that will enthrall.

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