Style File Paris Fashion Week: Achieving A Priceless Look

Photo Courtesy of Addysen Trumper

After spending a week observing fashion royalty outside the runway shows at Paris Fashion Week, I report back to the fabulous fashionistas working street style in San Francisco. With the blogarazzi camping out in front of the famous Parisian buildings that house the catwalks, creating a strobe light effect while snapping pictures of the famous, fabulous and filthy rich (and a few lucky wannabes), I notice that achieving a ‘blog-worthy‘ look can be easily engineered on the streets in the city by the Bay.

Being fashionable can prove to be an expensive hobby and it is a tough fact that most of us will fight with our whole lives. While the dream to one day afford the luxuries of high-end fashion lives in me, I know that the most fabulous street style can be executed with limited monetary means after simply observing the ‘Oscars’ of the fashion world for a week.  The men and women that strutted past security at shows like Vivian Westwood, Lanvin and Chanel that caught my eye (and the lenses of photographers) had more than just expensive clothing. Yes, the usual 6 inch stiletto, skinny jeans and blazer made many appearances, but the jaw dropping street style had qualities that I encourage you to include in your everyday style, fashion week or not.

Earring to Earring Grins

Sweet smiles and sunny dispositions are becoming de rigueur accessories. If you want to save money on an outstanding statement piece that will never go out of style, invest in a good attitude on a day to day basis! After watching editors, celebrities and young socialites make their way to each show, it becomes apparent that the blogarazzi snaps and publishes those who seem happy to be there. While going to class may not be the equivalent of attending fashion week shows, try to remember that your face always look the best when it reflects contentment.

I am not the only one to notice that smiling is universally in style. Watch fashion magazines to find people like Victoria Beckham and, yes, even Anna Wintour are found with their mouth sides turned towards the sky. Fashion is meant and created to be fun, an outlet for people to express themselves. Don’t take fashion statements too seriously and you will find that, not only you will be more approachable, your fashion can be a conversation starter. With an earring to earring grin and a fabulous outfit, who knows who you will meet because of a welcoming smile.

Sky High Stiletto Self-Confidence

Paris fashion week seems to have many unspoken secrets. If you are in the industry or just intensely observe every detail you can get your eyes on as an outsider, these little secrets start to speak to you. One that I observed was a competition that fashionistas liked to play at these ‘fashion games’ called “who can wear the highest heel without breaking an ankle?” Men and women alike climb out of the back of cars balancing on 5 inch plus ‘stilts’.  However, in real life stepping out on any heel height with an air of humble confidence keeps you are walking on solid ground.

From childhood, most of us are told that confidence is key to getting what we want in life. This might seem like the simplest piece of advice, but self confidence is vital to transform your style and how your fashion choices are perceived. One comment that I hear frequently is “I could never pull off what you wear!” The truth of the matter is if you wear what you are comfortable in with confidence, your street style becomes believable. At Paris fashion week I saw many different styles on different body types and different attitudes. The people that turned heads were those who walked with confidence, and believed they were walking on air.
Head Turning Personal Flair

Bring something different to the table, or in this case, the runway. One of the most exciting verves of fashion week is the creative energy. While designers are back stage, stressing to get models runway spectacular, the opening act is the pre-show that is happening on the outside. This pre-show is viewing what the attendees have decided to adorn themselves in for the entrance. Most of my fashion week experience took place at the pre-show and I absorbed a new creative gene just by taking in the unique choices of other fashionistas with out even seeing the runway.

Who knew that feathers can be worn in so many places, or that chin-strap hats can be unbelievably chic? With new ‘belted‘ ideas in my pocket, I walk away from the shows inspired. I encourage you to keep your outfits innovative everyday with a piece that you feel proud to wear that sets you apart. Take advantage of our local vintage shops that scream individuality and pair your stand out piece with everyday style pieces to create a casual look while maybe turning a few heads.

In my humble opinion, passion is one of the most important things in life. After making my appearances outside of a few Paris fashion week shows, I realized that my passion for fashion is alive and matched by other fashionistas working hard to keep their style up to vogue. Being in the same space as these fashionable people gave me the opportunity to update fashion ideas, while also inspiring my style and to be my fabulous most self.

My overall advice for you, my readers, is push yourself to wear the daring, while wearing your smile frequently, shouting confidence and going forth to uncharted territory with your fashion choices. Make the sidewalks of USF your very own fashion week run because you are worthy to strut your stuff.


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