Take A Hike Instead

This semester has been financially stressful for myself, my parents, and our country in general. Because of the current state of our economy, we must all work to make a change in our daily lives and start to conserve more money and spend only what we need to. This year I have worked to try and begin being more conscious of the money I do spend. I feel that I have had to make a change this semester, whether I like it or not. The truth is that I do get all of my spending money from my parents, and they just don’t have enough to provide an endless source of money to me. They actually never had an endless source of money, but in times like these they are being more and more conscious of the money they can afford to give me. The two main ways that I have been working to conserve money are by keeping a constant dialog with my parents about the money I am spending as well as being conscious about that money I get from them and the ways I spend it. I also plan on getting a job next semester to start paying off student loans and to be able to provide my own spending money. There are some pressures that conserving money makes in my day-to-day such as always having to be aware of the money I spend and asking myself what I am buying and for what reason.

Both of my parents value fine things, but they also believe in moderation. I believe in what my parents have set as an example. When I need something in my life, they will buy it for me, but I don’t take advantage of this. My parents are not wealthy, and not poor, we are lower-middle class citizens. They have taught me that it’s not things that really matter in life; therefore I don’t feel the need to spend copious amounts of money, even in the holiday season. Because my family and most of my friends are not too caught up in the material world, we are able to focus on other things such as eating well, and getting out into nature for a nice hike.

In college almost everything I need to get by is pre paid for, such as food, housing and transportation. When I am off campus I try not to spend that much money. For example I wait to get back to school eat because I have flexi, or I wait for the bus instead of taking a taxi because a muni pass is included in the USF tuition. The times I spend the most money are when I eat dinner off campus or buy tickets to events such as movies and concerts. I work to conserve the money I spend off campus by only going out for food once in a while and only going to shows which I feel especially passionate about. I don’t really buy cloths unless I need them, and I try to use the campus resources as much as I can to conserve money.

Knowing that my parents are dealing with a tough time money wise, makes the pressure to conserve whatever I can all the more pressing. I really have to evaluate what I buy and when. Next semester I plan to take some of the pressure off my parent’s backs, and get a job of my own. This will give me the satisfaction of earning the money I spend and help my parents out as well.

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