Thank Goodness Fall TV is Back

Staff Writer Monica gives you the lowdown on what to watch this season.

 Here in the Scene Section, we celebrate Fall for a variety of reasons: pretty colored leaves, refreshing rain, cooler temperatures, and (most importantly), the return of beloved TV series or the start of new ones. This fall is shaping up to be no different with tons of highly anticipated new and returning shows that are guaranteed to be your semester’s newest addiction. In case you’re wondering about what to look out for, here’s a list of a few big premieres to put on your calendars. 

“Jr. Masterchef” – Sept. 27 (FOX)

Hosted by famously crude and honest chef Gordon Ramsay, this spinoff of the hit show “Masterchef” features kids ranging from the ages of 8-13 instead of adults. Highly anticipated by many, this series features the talent and expertise of young kids and can’t be missed – especially since we have our very own SF native Gavin (10 years old) who has made it to the Top 24!

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” – Sept. 17 (FOX)

“Saturday Night Live” alum Andy Samberg returns to TV in the new comedy show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” The show depicts a New York Police Department with a diverse group of detectives. Samberg’s character is a carefree and goofy detective, yet he still gets the job done. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a more light-hearted, comedic crime-fighting show. The first episode can be watched on Hulu.


“New Girl” – Sept. 17 (FOX)

“New Girl” is back for a third season with quirky girl Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel plays Jessica Day, a bubbly character who moves in with four guys, each with their own different personalities. In spite of this, their dynamic makes up for a hilarious sitcom. You can catch up on the season on Hulu.


“The Mindy Project” – Sept. 17 (FOX)

Mindy Kaling’s “The Mindy Project” had a stellar first season, receiving generally all positive reviews. In the show, Kaling plays Mindy Lahiri, a skilled obstetrician in a private practice with two other doctors. While she deals with the challenges at work, her personal life is also challenged in her search for love. You can follow her comedic and dysfunctional life every week, and if you miss an episode, the show is also on Hulu.

“Once Upon A Time” – Sept. 29 (ABC)

From the writers of “Lost,” “Once Upon a Time” integrates all your childhood Disney favorites into a TV show. The cast takes on characters from different fairy tales and sets them in a “real world”  town called Storybrooke. The show is going strong into their third season, introducing the story of Neverland. A spin-off of the show, “Once Upon A Time in Wonderland,” will also be airing on Thursdays starting Oct. 10, which will be based on Lewis Caroll’s classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” There will be some crossovers in storylines and characters with the original series, but it will primarily focus on the story of present-day Wonderland. Both series are drama-filled with a fantasy twist.


“How I Met Your Mother” – Sept. 23 (CBS)

“How I Met Your Mother,” one of our generations most popular shows, is on its ninth and final season. If you haven’t caught on to the show yet, you could still enjoy it without having prior knowledge of the earlier seasons. And for those waiting for who the mother is, she is already known in this season, as she was revealed in season eight. With a unique structure and eccentric humor, this seven-time Emmy award-winning show is bound to create quite an uproar this final season. Be sure to check it out.

“American Horror Story: Coven” – Oct. 9 (FX)

Coven is the third installment of the “American Horror Story” series – one of the only horror driven shows on TV today. The series follows different story lines for each season, so new viewers can come in at any point. The theme for Coven is witchcraft in New Orleans during present day and the 1830s. The main cast has recurring and new members including Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, and Precious star, Gabourey Sidibe. “American Horror Story” keeps viewers suspenseful and hooked with mysterious and obscure plots.


“South Park” – Wed Sept. 25 (Comedy Central)

“South Park” is a famous, controversial, and hilarious adult animated sitcom that uses dark and surreal humor to satirize a wide range of topics. A show that is popular with many young adults, “South Park” is headed into their seventeenth season this month and is sure to keep you entertained and reflective of this crazy world we live in.



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