Three ingredients for a festive ‘Friendsgiving’

Have a fun, festive Thanksgiving this year by making it a Friendsgiving. GRAPHIC BY KATE SAGARA/FOGHORN

Because Thanksgiving falls so close to finals this year, it can be hard to justify going home if you’re swamped with studying, work, and other obstacles. If you’re staying on campus this Thanksgiving, look no further for how to celebrate the holiday with your own “Friendsgiving” feast! Some festive decor, friends, and a surplus of food are the only three ingredients you’ll need for this fun celebration.

To host a seamless Friendsgiving, arrange a potluck-style feast and decide who’s bringing what. Creating a budget and delegating duties beforehand will not only guarantee that all of your favorite foods make it to the table but will also ensure you’re only stretching your waistband — not your wallet. 

But before the feasting begins, consider polishing your Friendsgiving with some festive fall decor. If you’re feeling crafty, indulge your inner child by creating a turkey hand wreath out of construction paper and the helping hands of your friends, or grab a non-jack-o’-lanterned pumpkin and a Sharpie and have friends write what they’re grateful for on its surface to create a centerpiece gratitude pumpkin. Adding that extra spice to your Friendsgiving can also simply look like picking up some paper plates and napkins printed with fall leaves or cartoon turkeys. 

Now for the main event: the food. If you’re a fan of traditional Thanksgiving staples, find easy online recipes for scrumptious holiday staples like turkey, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and a variety of pies, from pumpkin to pecan. 

If cooking an heirloom casserole from scratch is what usually makes your Thanksgiving special, try your hand at recreating the dish by texting mom, dad, or other family and friends for the recipe, grabbing ingredients from the store, and (if you live in the dorms) checking out cookware from your CA at the front desk. If cooking isn’t your forté, head to the store and pick up delectable and ready-to-go options like instant mashed potatoes, pre-made pumpkin pie, packaged butter rolls, and sliced deli turkey. 

Once your friends have arrived, written down their gratitudes, and piled up their plates, grab your drinks and toast to your friendship. Then, dig in and kick back! Be sure to indulge in the feast and put yourself in a food coma while live-streaming your home team’s Thanksgiving football game, queuing up a marathon of iconic “Friends” Thanksgiving episodes, or just enjoying the company and the new tradition you’ve started with them this Friendsgiving. 


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