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Students gathered around a 168 page long scroll commemorating the names of the martyrs in Gaza. Photo via @usfca4palestine on Instagram.

Campus Demonstrations Continue:

Since the Foghorn’s Nov. 16 reporting on the Israel-Hamas war, multiple protests have taken place on campus. On Nov. 29, demonstrators congregated in front of Harney Plaza for the International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian people. At this action, USF students and faculty read “The Gaza Monologues,” monologues from Ashtar Theatre, the Palestinian theater company. The company shared a Nov. 14 Instagram post urging, “due to the horrific war taking place in Gaza, ASHTAR is launching an urgent request to all its friends and theater makers around the world to publicly read or perform ‘The Gaza Monologues’ on November 29th, 2023.” “The Gaza Monologues” are a student-led theater project created in 2010 by Ashtar Theatre, translating the personal stories of Gaza’s youth. USF students and faculty members took turns reading excerpts from the monologues. A student read, “The hardest thing to feel is that your moment of death is near.” Another student read, “I saw all the buildings around our school destroyed. Corpses were lying next to each other. I saw our school but didn’t see myself on TV and I thanked God. I hope there won’t be a day I’m on TV, because we don’t get anything from it except death.” On Nov. 30, a student-led rally took place on Gleeson Plaza calling to, “End the Siege on Gaza Now.” The demonstration was in association with the Muslim Students Association National, and the National Students for Justice in Palestine. In an Instagram post on Nov. 27 promoting the rally, @usfcastudents4palestine shared collective demands. “1. An immediate end to Israel’s siege on Gaza and the U.S. military funding to Israel” and “2. [that] Universities fully divest from weapons corporations that arm Israel’s occupation and genocide in Gaza.” As the Foghorn has previously reported, Charlie Cross, Vice President of Business and Finance at USF stated, “We don’t own any such investments.” On Dec. 4, the USF community gathered for a candlelight vigil honoring the martyrs in Gaza. 

The Foghorn will continue to report on student demonstrations next semester.

Head Coach Molly Goodenbour coaches a Nov. 9 game. Photo courtesy of Chris M. Leung/Dons Athletics.

Update on Basketball Lawsuit:

On Nov. 20, the San Francisco Superior Court entered their final judgment on the lawsuit against the University of San Francisco and the Athletics Department by former women’s basketball players, Marija and Marta Galic. The sisters initially filed the lawsuit in June 2021 with allegations of “archaic and abusive conduct” on behalf of head coach Molly Goodenbour. On Jul. 20 of this year, a superior court jury ruled in favor of plaintiff Marija Galic, while her twin sister was ruled against. Marija Galic was awarded a total of $250,000 with an additional $500,000 in punitive damages. On Sep. 21, Superior Court Judge Garrett Wong ruled in favor of USF’s motion to vacate, absolving the university of their $500,000 in punitive damages. The court later denied a motion for a new trial for the Galic sisters, filed by Randolph Gaw, their legal counsel. In a statement to the Foghorn, USF Spokesperson Kellie Samson said, “The University of San Francisco is pleased the Superior Court of San Francisco ruled in favor of USF…We are also pleased that the Court denied the plaintiff’s motion for a new trial.” The Nov. 20 final judgment reflects that Marija Galic won her claims, while Marta Galic lost. On the same day, Gaw filed with the court of appeals.“We expect to prevail on that appeal,” Gaw said. “The final judgment and jury verdict reflects that abusive conduct by coaches towards student-athletes should not be tolerated, and also quantifies the risk to universities when they turn a blind eye to it.  This risk will become especially acute should the Court of Appeal reinstate the additional $500,000 punitive damages award, which we are confident it will do.” Samson said, “USF continues to support Coach Goodenbour, whose team is currently competing at home and on the road as they prepare for West Coast Conference play this winter.”

The Foghorn will continue to report on developments in this case next semester. 

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