USF Experiences Blackout, Loses Power for 45 Minutes

Excited screams were heard about campus as lights and power went out at around 8:30 p.m. on Monday. The blackout impacted the main campus and law school as well as nearby houses for over an hour; however, Lone Mountain and Loyola Village were unaffected. Power flickered on several times throughout the blackout before going back on permanently at 9:44 p.m. USF Public Safety Sgt. Avery Jackson was unsure whether the power outage was a result of the rainstorm that hit Monday throughout the day.

Jackson said he and the other officers were patrolling buildings to ensure safety was maintained on campus. “Our main concern was to make sure no one was stuck in elevators,” he said. “Then we wanted to make sure law and order was maintained.” The San Francisco Police Department sent officers to assist the Public Safety officers in partroling campus buildings. According to a Phelan Hall front desk worker, there were several students stuck in an elevator during the outage, but they were lowered to safety when the power returned.

Some students took the opportunity to go for a late night stroll about the darkened campus. A group of freshmen, tired of sitting in their pitch-black residence hall, walked through Harney Plaza to enjoy some fresh air. One student strummed a guitar while singing songs, his female friend complaining that they had visited Crossroads, asked for free ice cream (that they assumed would melt before the power would turn the freezer back on), but were turned down.

One USF student told The Foghorn how she was alone in the shower in Koret when the lights went off. She was the only person in the locker room and had to stumble around in the darkness because she had left her cell phone at home, she said.

As the lights went back on, students were able to return to their residence halls and resume life as normal.


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