Wendy Faith, Yoga Instructor at Koret, Dies at 38

Koret announced in a Sept. 27 email that they lost one of their long-time yoga instructors, Wendy Faith. Her cause of death has not been released. Faith, 38, was a dancer, musician and teacher who taught a variety of yoga classes at Koret since 2004. She also substituted for other classes throughout the facility. Faith was also widely involved in the Bay Area yoga community, kept her own website and sent out newsletters to her regular students about happenings in the community.

Shanie Chambers, who oversees fitness classes at Koret, had known Faith since the ‘90s and hired her to help build the yoga program for students. She described Faith as a powerfully positive and loving spirit who was committed to her students and her practice — a “yoga goddess,” Chambers said.

Faith taught two classes every Monday at Koret: the faculty and staff class and the beginner class. Eva Poon, a program assistant in USF’s teacher education department, said, “I really appreciated [Faith’s] class for the sense of restoration and renewal it provided during what can be hectic times of work at USF.” Previously, Faith had taught vinyasa flow yoga in the evening for students. “All of the classes have regulars,” Chambers said. “So it really is a community.”

Koret staff announced her passing to yoga regulars in person and will organize a ceremony on campus — hopefully before Faith’s birthday in December, said Chambers.

Faith is survived by three brothers, her father and stepmother, all of whom reside in Pennsylvania.


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