What’s in Latine Students’ Headphones?

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, the Foghorn spoke with three Latine students about their favorite Latine artists. 

Headshots courtesy of those interviewed. Screenshots of musicians courtesy of @manaoficial, @grupomanichispanic, and @julietavenegasp, respectively on Instagram. 

Sofia Sosa, senior international studies major

Artist: Maná

“My mom used to listen to them a lot, and ‘Mariposa Traicionera’ is a very nostalgic song for me. She gave me this iPod Nano for Christmas one year and it had a bunch of music by them, so it’s very nostalgic to me.”

Analicia Parish, junior sociology major

Artist: Manic Hispanic

“ My favorite songs would be ‘Chancla Abuser’ from the ‘Back in Brown’ album, and ‘Big Chorizo’ from the ‘Grupo Sexo’ album. I love classic and hardcore punk rock music because of the political activism and goofiness of it all.”

Alyssa Flores, sophomore fine arts major

Artist: Julieta Venegas 

“I would recommend Julieta Venegas, she is considered a pop indie music artist. My favorite album of hers is ‘Limon Y Sal’ because I would listen to it when I was younger with my family.” 


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