Women’s Basketball Welcomes Two New Coaches

Women’s basketball prepares for their WCC tournament game in Las Vegas. PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS M. LEUNG/DONS ATHLETICS

With the USF women’s basketball season coming up, head coach Molly Goodenbour has made a few changes to her coaching staff. Goodenbour is heading into her sixth season as the head coach for the Dons. Last season, Goodenbour faced verbal and mental abuse allegations by two former players. The lawsuit against the athletic department and Goodenbour is still developing. 

In July, the team’s former director of operations, Derek Saich, was announced as the new assistant coach of the women’s basketball team. Goodenbour said in a press conference that she was confident about Saich. “He is personable and knowledgeable and the players enjoy having him in this expanded role where they are able to interact with him daily in practice situations,” she said.

The athletics department also added former USF women’s basketball player Dolapo Balogun as the new director of operations. Balogun received a master’s degree in sports management from USF in 2020. “The players will have a tremendous resource available to them and she will do a fantastic job of helping develop and shape the young women in our program,” Goodenbour said. 

Goodenbour isn’t the only one excited about these new appointments. Lorena Anunciaco, a second-year advertising major who plays forward on the women’s team was asked if she had any ideas for the coaching staff. “I think that they should be more vocal and share all of their knowledge and expertise with the group,” she said. 

Anunciaco also shared her goals and aspirations for the team this year. “I think with the basic terms our team has a lot of potential to be the best, taking it game by game improving each week with a lot of accountability, resilience, and trust,” she said.

Saich and Balogun have various experiences within the athletics department. Therefore, they should adjust just fine with the help of Coach Goodenbour and the players.

The women’s basketball team will be facing Loyola Marymount University for their first home game of the season on Dec. 17.

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