Women’s Rugby Narrowly Loses to Davis

The USF women’s rugby players joined forces with players from San Francisco State and Sac State Universities to compete against University of California, Davis. Photo Courtesy of Heather Spellacy

After more than one (which is one more than necessary) Ke$ha dance session in the USF club sports van, I and the rest of the women’s rugby team arrived at UC Davis ready for a day of play. After our last two games were cancelled due to the rain (and the unfinished Negoesco Field) we were all itching to get some game time in.

The team has gone through a lot of changes in the past few months, with a much-needed addition of new faces, leading to a boost in the teams’ morale. The group, with girls from both SF State and USF, amounts to nearly 15 (the magical number needed to fill a side), though only thirteen were able to make it to the game this past weekend. With a few extra girls from Sacramento State filling in our missing spots, we had the numbers needed to get the game on the way.

After a few minutes of chaotic play we all began to gain our bearings, with the newer players catching on quick. While both USF and Davis both made it within yards of their individual goals a few times throughout the first half, no tries were made. With a score of 0-0 after thirty minutes of play, I must say I was proud of our team for keeping the opposing side’s scoring at bay.

The second half started off well, with a breakaway run from SF State’s, Sally Le. Nearing the try line she was taken down by a player from Davis only to get back on her feet and continue her run. Unfortunately, Le was unable to reach the try line successfully and no goal was made.

As time went on it was clear our fitness was lacking. As we drug ourselves across the field, Davis was able to outrun the team on a few plays, and managed to find the holes in our defensive line. Eventually they managed to score two tries on us, leaving the score at 10-0.

The game was a great learning opportunity for both new and old players. Many of our girls had never seen a rugby game play out, and it’s nearly impossible to understand concepts at a practice without enough girls to field a single side. The loss didn’t dismay anyone, including USF’s coach, Kathy Flores, who spoke only positive words within the team huddle at the end of the match.

USF definitely has the potential to strive forward in the coming season. With a continuing influx of committed players the future of women’s rugby is shining bright.

Photo Courtesy of Heather Spellacy

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