World Series Brings Students Together

Most universities are unified through sports, school colors or their mission statements. When I came to USF, however, none of these components seemed to define our school’s unity.

As the weeks progressed, I began questioning whether I would ever feel that same pride that many of my UC friends feel. I wanted to be proud of USF. Not just because of the city, but because of the school itself.

It wasn’t until last week that my wish came true. Something big happened. To some, this may be a bit of an overstatement or understatement. Either way, the effects of the Giants making the World Series and then winning it unified our school.

On Oct. 27th, the caf was filled with students. It wasn’t the food that brought them in a rush, but it was none other than the Giants game. Students spent their dinners with their eyes glued to the television screens. People shouted, cheered, high-fived and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some body slams as well. While waiting in line, several of the chefs and cashiers got distracted with the Giants’ amazing sweep: 11 to 7.

Apparently, they wanted to get into the excitement, too. Who could blame them? After all, 1954 was the last time the Giants won the World Series.

Also, throughout the Halloween weekend, more students were seen wearing their Giants colors rather than their costumes. Students were definitely into the baseball game more than the holiday itself. Gillson Lounge even gave away free pizza on Halloween night if you wore orange and black or your Halloween costume.
My friend and I awkwardly showed up in our Halloween costumes, only to end up being the odd ones out.

Thanks for the warning, guys.

Last week, many clubs and organizations were already signed up to sponsor the “Giants World Series Viewing Parties” on the UC 4th floor. On Monday night, however, the Giants’ last game was played and victory was ours.

Although my mind was on a midterm, I could hear the excitement of the Giants’ win from around the school and throughout the city. With my room overlooking the bay and city skyline, I could see fireworks from the stadium and hear cars honking, students screaming and everyone talking. The city was in an uproar and our school finally came together.

While I am from San Diego, I realize my second home is here. When the price of Giants jerseys goes down, I will be sure to get in on showing my SF colors for next year. Rumor has it that orange and black are the new green and gold.

Mckenna Taylor is an undeclared freshman.

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