Wrap up your year with this Winter Break Bucket List

By Clara Snoyer

Wrap up your year with this winter break bucket list! GRAPHIC BY KATE SAGARA/FOGHORN

When you head home for winter break, take advantage of how much time you’ll have to reconnect with family, friends, and yourself. Catching up on sleep after finals is tempting, but can make your winter break go by in the blink of an eye. So, rest up quickly and try out some of the items on this bucket list to ensure you make the most of your holiday season!

For the Homebody or the Christmas Fanatic:

  • Settle in on the couch with a mug of hot cocoa and have a cozy TV day. Catch up on your favorite shows, or throw a Christmas movie marathon. 
  • Pick up the novel you’ve been waiting to read all semester and find a warm, cozy nook where you can escape into fantasy!
  • Get into the holiday spirit by decorating gingerbread houses, making eggnog from scratch, or dancing around the house to festive music!

For the Nostalgist or the Adventurer:

  • Don’t let the chilly winter air keep you cooped up indoors. Spend some quality time in nature, build a snowman (if there’s snow), take a walk, or go on a road trip.
  • Visit your old stomping grounds around your hometown, and get your fix at your favorite local coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques.
  • Drive around your neighborhood to look at Christmas lights, attend the local community tree lighting, or get tickets to a local holiday concert or show! 

For the Relaxation Seeker:

  • Soak up your time with family members and pets! Ask your parents for some wisdom, take the furball you’ve missed on a walk, or go on a fun outing with siblings, cousins, or friends.
  • Take time to reflect on where you are in life and journal about your progress. Reevaluate potentially toxic relationships, catch up with old high school friends, and set some personal goals for next semester.
  • Give back to your community by cleaning out your room and donating old clothes to Goodwill, or volunteering at a soup kitchen or toy drive.


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