Send Us a Confidential News Tip

Know something we don’t? We have a number of ways to securely get in touch with our editors. Each offers different levels of security.

Send all news tips to We recommend that you use a private email to conduct this correspondence.

Our office phone number is 415-422-5444.

NOTE: We currently don’t have access to our office phone. Please use the email address above instead.

Signal (most secure): A free, end-to-end encryption messaging software available on the Apple App Store or Android. Message us on Signal at 951-751-3047.

You can also send us physical mail. Our address is:

San Francisco Foghorn, UC #417, 2130 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA 94117

What makes a good news tip:

  • Your tip clearly lays out the newsworthy item in a sentence or two: Here is evidence that a professor is breaking university policy.
  • We are looking for supplementary information to accompany your tip. This includes legal documents, emails, or other documents.
  • We are not looking for speculative information. Telling us that you think your roommate may be drawing graffiti in the dorm bathrooms is not a news tip.