Construction Wall Music is Inane

Nearly all of us have noticed it. Most of us pass by it regularly. Some of us even pay attention to it. A group of us can’t stand it—that inane music blaring from the construction speakers on the main campus.

About one and a half years ago, the University of San Francisco began its remodel of the Harney Science Center. Part of the construction process involved setting up a green colored wall around the construction zone decorated with corny posters. Placed into this wall are several speakers which, throughout the day, sound botched amalgams of what would otherwise be decent and humane music in an effort to help distract one from the fact that he/she is near a construction zone.

Legend has it that the placement of the speakers was inspired by construction zones in Disneyland. Hard-hat areas in the theme park were surrounded by decorated walls masking construction, and speakers which bordered the zones played Disney-esque music to cover up construction noise.

USF isn’t Disneyland. There is no Space Mountain, no Mickey Mouse, no cotton candy, and it is definitely not the “happiest place on earth.” I do see, however, where the construction planners may have gotten a little confused: students often times do wear imaginative costumes and boast ironic mustaches in public, rivaling the creativeness even of the animators at Disney. But on to the music…

In my short 21 years of life, never have I heard a version of Antonio Vivalid’s “Four Seasons” which has besmirched this fine classical tune so greatly as the version played through the Harney construction zone speakers.

I can’t say I particularly enjoy listening to classical music blended with mild dance music beats and strange noises. Who actually listens to this? Surely no students; I have never ever heard someone tell me “I listen to a little bit of reggae, some indie…and perverted classical music mixed with awkward dance music.”

The silliest thing about the music, however, is that it does not fulfill its intent —that is, it does nothing to cover up the construction zone. We mustn’t forget the bird and forest noises which sound from the construction speakers. Yes USF, you had me fooled. Behind that construction wall there must be a luscious forest and 37 different kinds of birds. The music does a very poor job of covering up that rather large yellow crane as well. You can see the thing from Twin Peaks; going by current logic, I suppose someone should turn up the volume on those speakers.

I’ll bet much of USF’s community would prefer to see a more transparent construction area rather than one which does a feeble job of hiding itself with awkward music.

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