Dons Defeat Gonzaga 2-0 for First Conference Win

Women’s soccer is back on track after a 2-0 victory against the Gonzaga Bulldogs on Sunday. After their loss at BYU on Thursday, the Dons were fired up and ready to go for the game against the Bulldogs, moving up to 6-6-3 (1-3-0 WCC). Senior step-in goalkeeper Megan Connor had five saves this game and never gave the Bulldogs a slim chance to score. Not too far into the first half of the game, sophomore forward Mackenzie Krieser scored her eighth goal of the season, pushing the Dons ahead 1-0 in the first half.

The Dons led the way in shots on goal, with seven overall attempts. By the second half, the Dons were playing more on the offensive side — sophomore midfielder Abigail Philips capitalized on a corner kick and sophomore midfielder Jaciara Mello scored the second goal. Philips had three corner kicks, with her second corner kick assisting in Mello’s goal in the second half. With two goals from the Dons, and zero from Bulldogs by the 60 minute mark, the Dons embraced their competitive side.

“We’ve been playing so well this season,” Mello said, “there have just been unfortunate, little lapses in our team energy and our team shape. In this game, we just decided that we’re going to do everything we can for each other and to not give up these little lapses in our game that will cost us our goals.”

Mello’s goal with an assist from Philips proved to be the winning goal. She attacked the ball and made the shot into the net close to the end of the second half.

“If the ball is going in the goal’s general direction, I’m going to run to it,” Mello said. This was proven in their game as the Dons played on the defensive side and did not give the Bulldogs any opportunity to score.

“This is one of the first games we’ve played where we played consistent 90 minutes and that really made a difference,” Mello said.

The Dons played swiftly and competitively for both halves, and Krieser and Mello both scored for the Dons to win their first conference game.

“We played BYU on Thursday and got home Friday, and yesterday we had a light training session and got our minds prepared for today. We’ve been busy,” Mello said.

After much intense practice and traveling on the road, it was a well-deserved victory.

“If we play like today then I feel like we have a pretty good chance of winning the rest of our games,” Mello said.

“We have five more games left which we can win, and I think we can if we play like that, play smart and play hard.”

The Dons will take on Saint Mary’s this Friday, Oct. 19 at 1p.m in Moraga, Calif. Their next home game will be against the Santa Clara Broncos on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

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