Free & Fancy: First Thursday Art Walk

Art galleries aren’t always the first thing to pop to students’ minds when they think of a cheap night out. Cue “First Thursdays,” a monthly tradition where art galleries all over the city open their doors to all who are interested in poking their noses in and getting a taste of the art scene.

Though its  a great medium for exposing local artists to the SF community, it was unfortunate to see that turnout was relatively low when we went out on Nov. 1st. Most people attending were middle-aged professional couples and it was rare to see a younger group. These nights definitely have the potential to be a hit, but it seems like the awareness is missing

Spaces such as the Meyerovich Gallery displayed paintings by Matt Phillips and the famous Helen Frankenthaler—they were very well laid out and interestingly presented.

Although the gallery owner himself was not particularly welcoming to us as younger college students, we thoroughly enjoyed the gallery and the contrasting but complementing rooms. Brett Amory, a local artist whose works were part of the Sandra Lee Collection, blew us away with his San Francisco based paintings. Each painting was of familiar places in town, such as the City Lights Bookstore or the intersection of Hyde and Geary —portraying the nighttime and early morning scenes of this bustling city.

The show also featured sculptures made of trash found in different parts of SF, adding a very interesting touch to the exhibit. Seeing which types of trash were found in specific parts of the city was hilariously insightful, and definitely the highlight of the gallery. The Hespe Gallery was another great contender with beautiful and eerily realistic underwater imagery paintings.

Overall, these events are great for art lovers and those interested in checking out what local artists have to offer. Hopefully younger students can start attending these galleries and view art relevant to life here in the City. Make a night out of it, it’s easy to hope on MUNI to get downtown, maybe even splurge on dinner beforehand. Catch next month’s on Dec. 4th before you head home for winter break!

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